Steel Beasts - Gauging Interest.

I think from the last time I tried, there were a few of us that owned it and just don’t use it.

So, wondering if there is any interest here.

Unfortunately it doesn’t have F111 models, so I can understand people being put off. But I envisage that the airstrikes we task in are delivered by F111’s so that makes me a little happy :wink:

Latest version is


Man…I have the interest. But I don’t know if I have the time… :slightly_frowning_face: At least not in the next couple weeks - but in the winter I should be finding more time (of course, I always think that!)…

Did someone say steel beats!? Why don’t we set a date in November or early December?

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I’m up for that tyco. But we need the others to finally accept they need to just…

As you know Bogusheadbox, I have it. Haven’t touched it in a very long time. I’m game but it is best if a date and time is set a head of time in order for me to “make” the time.

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So fun story @Bogusheadbox. When running down the connectivity issues with my server, I finally figured out it was due to a block of ports assigned for a certain armor combat game installed at the behest of someone. In other words J’accuse

Also yeah, I can Steel Beasts as long as we’re Abramsing and I don’t have to control anything bigger than my own tank.


So I bought the one year and drove the tank for like 30 minutes and then nothing ever came of it again.

So sure! I will buy the one year again. Its easier than learning how to fold the money into an origami tank before lighting it on fire.

But for the love of diesel fuel somebody please set a date.


Baby steps first. We don’t want to scare off people if they can like the game.

First thing first. Connectivity. I have never had a problem, but some people say they need to do port stuff. So I would say, for those interested, we do a quick connectivity try first to make sure there are no problems on the night

We have 6 potentials at the moment and standard Steel beasts licence limits IIRC to 8 players. Those with a bigger licence can have many more. But check connectivity then we choose the mission, then set a date. Get to grips with upcoming date.

Hows that sound ?

Maybe also like @near_blind stated above. List the limits of what you want in game so we don’t over/under burden players

I can do M1 / challenger / IFV/ Arty. Love the Bradley and can run just about any vehicle other than a LEO

I like arranging infantry as well and can handle several squads.

(Bogus is free almost anytime as me still no worky worky )


would love to spend some good MP time with this game… I feel most at home with single tank or small unit and I can run Brads or M1 but would love to really get to know the Swedish CV vehicles

I can do most of the vehicles in SBPE. I tend to run big groups so I can run a little over a company size unit which includes a motorized or mechanized infantry company. I do this because rarely do I go into the gunner’s position, I prefer playing as commander, be it for one tank or a company of them.

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I believe I can host. I’ll have to test of course but I’ve done it in the past

I’m confortable with an armoured platoon or recon. Can do Leos, Abrams, Bradley’s and T-72s

Happy to run a simple mission this Sunday to get a feel for it, if anyone wants to wash the rust off the software and check connectivity.

Evening time utc. Open for any time

Don’t forget to run the tank range. As the score you get will set the capability of your AI.
(I suggest you use the easiest vehicle that you can use as the score set applies to all vehicles. IIRC)

Post your scores if you wish

Hit percentage = 100% (10 out of 10)
Average time to kill = 6.8 seconds

You seem to have a thing for mud Mr Bogus. :slight_smile:

Count me in.
(Or there’s group called Kanium who meet every Sunday evening 1800 UTC)

I won’t be able to make it this Sunday due to family member needing computer. Will try for next time.

No probs mate.

Still planning to run some steel beasts tonight, simple mission, to check connectivity, bindings, shake the dust off etc.

Will run it when anyone turns up or people specify a time. Here all night, can be run multiply times.

Here is the training exercise briefing

Your mission is to practice moving tactically using the appropriate formations and tactical movement techniques.
You are in command of tank platoon (or a single vehicle - your choice)
Move from Tactical Assembly Area SESAME to Objective KERMIT.
The exercise will end once you have at least one of your vehicle units in OBJ KERMIT.
You will receive a GO in this exercise if you reach OBJ Kermit with only one or no vehicle losses.
Otherwise you will receive a NO GO.
You have ninety minutes to complete the exercise.
You have priority of fires from an attached howitzer battalion (18 tubes).
Tactical movement requires the proper balance between the competing concerns of speed and security.
For example, moving along a hardball road at top speed in a column formation is the fastest form of movement possible. It is, however, the least secure and presents risks of loss if contact is made.
On the other hand, overwatch by successive bounds is a secure form of movement providing the maximum opportunity to respond if contact is made. It is, however, slow and deliberate.
In this exercise, the likelihood of contact increases through the course to OBJ KERMIT.
It is suggested that from TAA SESAME to Phaseline ERNIE, since contact is not likely, you should use the travelling technique; from Phaseline ERNIE to Phaseline BERT contact is possible, so use travelling overwatch, and; from Phaseline BERT to OBJ KERMIT, contact is expected, use bounding overwatch there.
Since this is an exercise, feel free to experiment. You have plenty of time and artillery, you may proceed as carefully as you like. And there are nice roads for you to drive straight up the middle, if you prefer. You may elect to avoid any opposing units with whom you come into contact or you may chose to engage them; your score is independent of how many opposing units you kill.
Be aware that the size of the opposing force increases throughout the duration of your allotted ninety minutes. The longer it takes you to get to OBJ KERMIT, the more bad guys there are waiting for you. The units spawn in a semi-random fashion to increase re-playability. Be aware that the opposing units may be patrolling and may occupy areas that you have already cleared – in other words, it’s possible that you might get contact to your rear.
Also be aware that moving outside of the battalion boundary will result in a destroyed unit penalty.

For purposes of this discussion, ‘movement’ refers to moving toward or while not in

contact with the enemy, and ‘maneuver’ refers to moving while in contact with the enemy. The techniques are compromises between speed and security. The more secure techniques are slower. The goal of these techniques is to provide the ability to bring suppressive fires quickly in case contact is made and thereby maintain flexibility of maneuver. A common-sense way of thinking about these techniques is that it is foolish to go blindly rushing into a place where the bad-guys might be waiting for you, and that it is always a good idea to have someone backing you up.
When using the following movement techniques, keeps these rules in mind:

  1. Do not move forward from an overwatch position or BP. Back away from your position and go around on the low ground. 2) Stay on low ground as much as possible. Moving on top of ridgelines and over hilltops will silhouette (skyline) platoon vehicles. 3) Select the formation and movement technique that maximizes the platoon’s battle space while minimizing gaps and dead space. 4) If your move is being covered by an overwatch element, remember that the overwatch element cannot cover all of the platoon’s gaps and dead space. 5) If the move is being overwatched, also keep in mind that the distance of each move (or bound) must not exceed the direct fire range of the overwatch element. 6) Always plan actions at danger areas. If available, have dismounts observe around blind spots and clear routes or defiles before vehicles move over or through these locations.

TRAVELLING — This technique is the fastest and least secure of these movement techniques. The vehicles move together as one unit. This technique is used when enemy contact is not expected and when speed is required.
TRAVELLING OVERWATCH — The travelling overwatch technique is a bit more secure than the travelling technique. It is used when enemy contact is possible, but speed is required. When moving in travelling overwatch, the unit is divided into two elements. One element moves at a constant speed, while the other element trails and provides overwatch from brief halt positions. The trailing element scans for visual contact while at the halt, clearing any terrain from which the lead element may be engaged. The trailing element must maintain a position such that it may provide suppressive fire and maneuver if the lead element is engaged.
BOUNDING OVERWATCH, ALTERNATING BOUNDS — Bounding overwatch is slower and more secure than travelling overwatch. It is used when enemy contact is expected or whenever speed is not critical. In bounding overwatch the unit is divided into two elements that take turns overwatching each other from halted positions. While one element is moving the other element is halted and scanning the terrain from which the moving element may be engaged. If the moving element is engaged, the halted element should be able to provide immediate suppressive fire. Both elements should exercise care so that the moving element does not travel into terrain that can be engaged from areas to which the halted element does not have line of sight. When moving by alternating bounds, the elements leap-frog past each other as they bound from one position to the next.
BOUNDING OVERWATCH, SUCCESSIVE BOUNDS — This is the slowest and the most secure of these movement techniques. This technique is the same as overwatching with alternate bounds. The difference is that rather than leap-frogging past each other, the elements take shorter bounds with the trailing element moving to set positions abreast of the lead element before the lead element moves.

Thanks to @Maclean, @klarsnow, @near_blind for turning up to help.

Thanks for the test run guys. It looks like I have my ports forwarded now, but @near_blind hosted until my dumb brain could get to grips with it.

No pictures sorry, i have deleted the AAR, so if @Maclean has it saved then any pics would be appreciated.

Anyhow basic story went as this
Bogus commanding 2 bradley’s
Maclean and klarsnow commanding individual m1’s
Near blind commanding 2 m1’s

First contact spotted by recon (enemy bmp) could not engage with tows through tree cover. Bradleys peppered the hull whilst m1ls moved to engage and spotted more targets. Arty was called in for finishing touches and threats quickly dispatched.

After moving forward for a bit, m1’s spotted enemy at long range. Bradley’s who are hiding in trees were called forward for a sneak tow attack. However as soon as the first Bradley reached the tree line ready to engage, it was swiftly met by an enemy tank round to the face.

The cat was out of the bag, we did not have the element of surprise and the m1’s let loose. It was a protracted battle that caught us off guard but the m1’s were holding their own until the enemy dropped a well placed arty barrage right on our position.

Confusion ensued after the artillery strike caused casualties and system failures amongst many of our vehicles.

A retreat was called and Bradley’s and m1’s scurried into the forest for obscurity. The intent was to traverse the forest to the other side (away from the previous engagement) rally up, lick our wounds, and continue to objective.

Some of us had radio damage and this impacted situational awareness as we had to rely on verbal positioning reports. Then things became tricky as the first m1 exiting the forest was then in contact with a bmp platoon and engaged.

Trying to deal with damaged vehicles, radio loss (no confirmation on map of friendly positions) we all scurried to the engagement. Maclean was now calling in arty as he had one of the last functioning radios. It was a bit of a hash of an engagement, but i think a second round of enemy arty came on some of us.

We came out on top and moved on.

Another engagement later with t-80’s and our death toll was rising. The last bradley caught a terrifying shot and looking at the AAR after the match, it appears the round penetrated the drivers cabin then directly through the turret section, instantly killing all. More arty from us and them but the t-80’s are no slouches.

Unfortunately “Scottish big guns maclean” had to leave

Klarsnow and i jump in and multicrew the spare m1 whilst nearblind is dispatching t-80’s in his damaged tank with only hand crank turret controls. Nearblind then bites a big round and joins multicrew with klarsnow and i.

This last m1 is in good health and we dispatch a t-80 that’s hiding behind some trees. Low on ammo, we pull back into cover and reload. Its here we get the “mission over” message as the time had expired. Where did all that time go???

Lessons learned.
**In map phase before game, spend a good amount of time here. Mark lots of points (as we did) as it really helped with situational awareness - especially when the radios went down.
**Scouting- its a very helpful tool. Try to keep them out in front.
** don’t sit in one spot for too long, enemy may have arty too.

Special commendations.

**heavy hitter - goes to maclean for putting the biggest hurt on the t-80’s, some excellent shooting
**crank master - to nearblind for taking out a t-80 in a disabled m1 with hand crank turret controls
** overlord - to klarsnow who took the reigns and co-ordinated us through the whole scenario.

Good fun guys, cheers, hope you all enjoyed it.


That was a big ol’ bundle of fun. I’m looking forward to doing some more of that (and not compulsively deleting the AAR next time).