Stellaris AAR #2

Welcome back.

This is the second part of my Stellaris AAR. If you haven’t already, I wholeheartedly suggest you skip my previous entry. But if you insist, here it is:

We continue were we left of. By exploring with our fleet.

While our science ship is building a in-depth portfolio of our home system [revealing resources and unlocking ground data], and our construction ship waits and can do nothing before that data is revealed, we’ll use our meager fleet to explore and quickly try to identify alien species.

Some are revealed pretty quickly, like the Gas Giant surfers from another dimension and others might take a while to come into contact. Luckily I met an alien species just as I was about to jump to another system. Who are these Alien Alpha?

Well, for that we now have an entry in our Situation Log [thats the tab on top that just glowed orange]. In the situation tab, we get to choose if we want to research these aliens. While researching this, it will put on hold our other research, specifically our colony ship research for about 6 months.

But we need to know if these aliens will attack us on sight or surf the gaseous fart smelling giants in our border of influence. So it’s well worth 6 months of research time. We don’t really need to hurry with the colony ship research, but it’s very nice to be done with it, as quickly as we possibly can.

It might also be a good idea to zoom a bit out and try to lay some broad steps on how you want to expand.

Yep. Checks out. That’s a galaxy! Pro Tip: In the galaxy view, pressing Alt will highlight resources and planets that you have surveyed.

We want to expand our empire this way, as that will effectively cut off alien empires on either side and we won’t be boxed into a corner.

And in the meantime we’ve come across another alien life form.

Well, we don’t actually have to wait for the research to tell us anything about them. We can just have a peek at them.

Yep, those are aliens. As you can see. Their fleet is about 112 in firepower. Our fleet is at a meager 74 in firepower. They also have a station at 41 firepower. We might come out ahead if we engage them. But most likely we’ll end up with one less fleet. Better leave these alone for now.

In the meantime, we’ll see what’s happening in our home system.

It seems our science ship has found some minerals. We’ll send our construction ship to set up some mineral extraction facilities there. Pro tip: You can setup multiple action by holding down shift. As you can see I have done in the screenshot.

Those two facilities will each cost us a power unit in maintenance. And since we have only two to spare, we’ll probably need to expand that production if we want to be in the plus. Let’s have a look at our planet and see if we can’t produce some more there.

We’ve got a 2 power unit area there, but its covered in slums. Filthy, filthy slums. Probably filled with boobs.
We’ll expend some power and mineral units clearing that area and that will take us 71 days to finish.

In the meantime lets have a look at those aliens.

Ah yes. Fart surfing aliens. Nothing to worry about. What about those other aliens?

Automated mining droids? Really? Might as well tear those apart since they probably attack if we get too close and we don’t have to worry about their masters either. And we want that system for its resources. Might even be able to get something out of it by blowing it up.

71 days later…

We’ll build a new power plant there to boost our resource by 3. Now we can expand our mineral production even more. We want to at least hit +30 for every month. And we want to keep our Power production above +10 - 15. You never know when the civvies start hatin’ on you and slacking off at work, leaving you with a -30 in productions.

I’ll leave it here for now. I’ll continue if enough people want to.


It’s interesting. Man…pretty deep game…like Dangerous Waters in space…

Nice stuff @Sargoth

Maybe if it’s possible cut out the images a little next time. I think you want us to read the popups but it’s just impossible even when clicking them. Just some friendly feedback :smiley:

You shouldn’t have a problem reading them. Those images are 2560 by 1440. You just need to open them ina new window and zoom :smirk:

But I’ll cut away the unnecessary parts next time


Mudspike Prime sounds like a quaint little community… :thumbsup: