Stellaris Advice Wanted

Whilst I have been stuck with this neck brace, I’ve been unable to do DCS & XP (especially in VR…no turning my head). So I broke out my copy of Stellaris and began a game (with the Utopia expansion pack)…that was several weeks ago…I hope to get the brace off on 7 Jan…I hope to be done my Stellaris game by then…maybe…

So a few questions that may help me out.

  1. At some point does your technology research just end up being levels I through V of some mundane technologies?

  2. Do I really need to fight a Fallen and/or Awaken empire to be eligible to get some technologies?

  3. If the answer to question 1 is “Yes” then do I really need to upgrade my Science Nexus?

  4. If the Ringworld is so huge then why does each section have so few districts?

  5. Did I miss something regarding Psi technology? I thought I did the research but no cool stuff?

…this end game part is taking forever.

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