Stick Mounting and Suggestions for 8020 Rig

FNG here! I’ve been heavy into simracing for quite a while and have a top level direct drive wheel that sits on an 8020 rig. Now, i’m looking to transition into DCS and flight sims (having fond memories back from my Falcon 4.0 days). A couple questions.

I’m looking at flight sticks (Virpil, VKB, WinWIng) and i’m seeing quite a few folks that use extensions and they have said that it makes control easier. If you had an 8020 rig like I do, would you recommend an extension and mount the base near floor level? Basically, the longer the extension the better?

Any suggestions for complete kits? Seems like Virpil, VKB and WinWing are all very good. I’m leaning towards Virpil a bit, but they all seem close.


Welcome to Mudspike @tlsmikey . I don’t have an 8020 rig but I can certainly recommend VirPil equipment. I have the WarBRD stick base which is not designed for floor mounting but the quality of the mechanism is excellent. Having a floor mounted stick gives a much more realistic amount of travel and therefore greater control precision. I’m sure that others here can chime in with first hand experience.


I have an X56 HOTAS that was reasonably priced. I added a 40cm extension (ebay) that makes it very immersive and much more like real flying. I am qualified to judge this as is @PaulRix both of us being professional pilots, albeit I have retired. My extension enables me to fly seated normally with my hand resting on my knee.

Thanks guys. I have a fair amount of seat time in Cessna’s (550 hours) but nothing beyond that. Are the flight sticks too stiff to provide a reasonable amount of precision without the extension?

I went for a reverse-mounted MongoosT-50 and 200mm extension and I am pretty happy with ist.


I don’t think any of the mainstream sticks are too stiff for precise (enough) control, but an extension makes a noticeable difference. I didn’t want an extension or floor mount, so I went with MonsterTech desk mounts and a VirPil base, which made a huge difference from the stock Warthog.

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I found the X56 alone did not let me fly with real precision. With the extension I find it much easier to be accurate in my flying. @Victork2 might tell you (independently) what my flying is like now using the extension as he did some Huey training with me recently. .


so jealous. I have just been eyeing this up

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As annoyingly inch perfect as his IRL flying.



While it may not be the case with others, the Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog base is a bit too stiff for the direct mount that it has. However, even adjusting this doesn’t compensate for the added precision that more travel (throw) gives you by having an extension.

My Warthog base rests on a drop mount I made of scrap wood, and I have it mounted in a side stick position. This is reasonably ergonomic but if you want precision in flying things like warbirds, you will want an extension and floor mounting. Modern jets don’t see the same degree of benefit, where autopilot and fly-by-wire back you up.

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What mount is that? That little tab looks like a perfect solution as my seat is almost setup the same way.

How did you mount the HOTAS? Can you remove it quickly?

I have the Virpil T50CM2 base and 200mm extension mounted to my (wooden) sim rig. Very happy with the base, the heavy springs are perfect for an extension.

I have the WarBRD as my side stick and it’s wonderful as well, but I suspect the centering forces would be too weak if it had an extension.

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I salvaged the part from the Monstertech table mount, that I was using before. I don’t know, if you can buy it standalone.

I can not remove it quickly, it’s screwed to the rig. I can only remove the stick with the extension from base.

That looks like the same one that I use. Edit: See the next post.


Found it:

Just select ‘VPC MongoosT50/CM/CM2 Joystick’

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Welcome to Mudspike!

Here is the quick connect mount for my upcomming modded T16000m Center stick with extension.

My TM T16000m DIY mods - #13 by DanTDBV

Here is my post in the "Show us your simpit! thread. Mostly for my chair controller mounts, but I find that the thread has a lot of nice ideas and solutions.

I look forward to see what you come up with.

Happy Simming

You guys are awesome! Thank you. That mount is exactly what i’m looking for. I’ll use that for the stick and I think the Obutto HOTAS mount as I can swing it out of the way or unbolt it with one quick turn knob.

The pedals, I think the best move i’ve seen so far is a hinge to lift the pedals up and place the rudder pedals in their place.

Post pics when done! There’s a sim pit thread. Always good to see more solutions. :+1: