Strike Fighters 2 Complete Edition for 50% Off

Bear with me here because this might get complicated.

There’s been kind of a flurry of activity within the last week over at TK’s little fiefdom. That’s not bad news.

It’s probably been around for a while, but TK is offering a deal for existing customers. If you already have all 5 of the major titles, then he’s offering the COMPLETE collection for only $50.

That’s a $400 total value for $50. “But, if I’ve got all 5 titles already, why do I need this?”, you ask. I get that. Let’s say you only have a few of the DLCs and you want the rest of the official ones. You get them for $50. You also get the upcoming Windows 10 Edition for free since you hold the Complete Edition.

I’ve probably spent more money than I should with ThirdWire. But, this is a pretty good offer for a very narrowly-defined group of customers - those who have all five of the bigger, full games but few or none of the DLCs. Sweetening the deal is the latest full game coming in May for free.

I went for it (I was lacking $72 worth of DLCs) and canceled my pre-order of the coming Windows 10 version. Between this, ED’s Modern Air Combat, and Combat Air Patrol 2 coming along nicely (a big new update dropped recently), this is shaping up to be a good year for those of us who are more casual combat flight sim fans.


I did the math, all of the DLCs together are $182. So, if you had none of them, just the base games, that’s a 73% discount. Plus, you get the Windows 10 Version ($40 value) for free.

For $50, that’s not bad.


Whoa dude… What happened to you.
I remember a certain post you wrote in a certain forum about being fed up with a certain sim… :thinking:

Still, I’m glad to see you didn’t lose that lovely feeling.

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Is this different than the version that was (or is going to be) offered to the backers of that Kick Starter? I was sent an e-mail that had a link to this which I downloaded:


I think I backed with $50 or something - so I’m assuming I don’t need to buy SF2 Complete? I did not install it though, since I have a highly modified install already and I didn’t want the new version overwriting my user/savedgames/thirdwire mod folders…

Looks like I have everything in my account, and will eventually have a link to the Windows 10 version…

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I’ve never played strike fighters. I’m assuming this version does NOT work on windows 10?

And if that’s the case, would I be essentially pre-ordering the entire game in hopes it eventually gets updated?

Well, that’s the funny thing. For all this touted Windows 10 version, I’ve been running the old SF2 installs just fine on Windows 10. :man_shrugging:


The only problem I encountered recently is that with recent nVidia drivers you will get black screen while launching into a mission. To remedy this you have to change Effects from Unlimited to High in advanced graphics options, AFAIK this will disable only the bloom effect. Other than that SF2 works fine on Win10.

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Need to get Nostalgia mode on and just rename it to “Strike Fighters Anthology”

:grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:


It looks to me like you have the Complete Edition of all the currently produced content already, so that means you qualify for the upcoming Windows 10 Edition and all of its DLCs for free. At least that was the way I saw it on their website.

" Owners of Strike Fighters 2 Complete Edition will receive the Win10 Edition and its DLCs for FREE as they become available…"

I mean, unless I’m reading it wrong, Chris.

I posted to ThirdWire’s Twitter account that they needed to complete rename it to something like “Strike Fighters: Remastered” or something. That would have eliminated a lot of confusion for them.

But, you know how TK is…

This was true until you twits started posting cool screenshots and then TK surprised the crap out of everyone by updating the game.


Hehehehehe all in good humor, man.
All in good humor. :smile:


It actually shows 99$ for me…

Do you have all five of the base games?

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Oh… Not only “nope” but I also totally forgot what email address I used to buy the two or three I had.

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Hmmm… interesting. I’m happy with the content I have, so I’ll just wait and buy something when I see something new that I like.

As much as I want yo support the guy, I’m not going to pay $50 to essentially pre-order a $40 game that may bring nothing new to the table but the ability to run effects at “unlimited.”

But, hey - good to see so much activity and interest. Hopefully this snow ball keeps rolling (and growing).

Ok. I was curious and went to the store, but dont see a discounted price. At what point does it ask for my email and show the discount?

Edit - never mind. Found it.

He’s been way to over protective of that name…

Time to move on, new name for new life.


Oooh, sweet! I did a search of my email box and found an old one from thirdwire that has a code for… all of it! Yay! Perhaps I should start looking into that vorpX stuff then.

Hawker hunters over the desert, oh yeah.

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Stereoscopic rendering is easy ebough to integrate in DX12, i dont see why he wouldnt include VR support natively.

seeing as its sim light it might get more attention with VR users than DCS.

if done properly

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You can email support and ask them to migrate the purchases to your new email address, but you do have to have the old one. TK is pretty reasonable. He might be able to look through his records for your name and find it that way.