Swords into plowshares, and airframes into keyrings.



Evidently recycling old airframes into keyrings is in fashion. I purchased this one from aviationtag.com. I flew this aircraft in SAS Commuter as LN-RNM. It also served on the Swedish roster as SE-LFP. She ended her career in Minoan Air as SX-BRV.


but… but… the Fokker F-50 was never a sword! It was named “Friendship” for petes’ sake!

If they’d have keyrings (or a garden shovel!) made out of cold war submarines, now that’s something that would merit being a “sword onto a plowshare”.





Hmmm…I thought the Fokker 50 had a larger fuselage diameter…:wink:


Interesting business.

I’ve got a few chewed up CFM compressor blades which would work, but…

Have you ever tried drilling a hole through one of them for the keyring?