Syria Map

I downloaded the Syria map on the day it came out. It has not worked. I contacted ED and was asked to send them various files. Being ignorant in IT knowledge this was a challenge especially as the address of the files I was asked for do not match my computer. DCS open beta runs fine. It simply will not run the Syria map. I suggested downloading again despite it taking almost 36 hours to do so. ED said this might not cure the problem. Downloading is however something within my limited IT skill set.

I fly the F18 and use the Nevada and Persian Gulf maps as well as the super carrier. None of these caused problems to install.

Any suggestions folks?


What are the symptoms?

Can you see it for example when you browse the instant actions for the Hornet?

Are there any error messages?

Can you open it in the Mission Editor?

@Scoop completely forgot to get back to you on this. I’m very very sorry. I’m just coming off night shift and when I get up ill have a look and see what I can do. One thing. Have you run the repair function in skatezillas app?


+1 on running repair. You don’t nexessarily need an app to do it either. Just type “DCS repair” in the windows search (magnifying glass on the tool bar somewhere). That should pull up the file.

I’m out of ideas after that if the game otherwise runs well. Repair will verify all the files you have are correct, and redownload and missing ones.

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Repair first. But do keep in mind that erasing and reinstalling is no longer a big step. I did it last month when I installed a new SSD. Took me an less than an hour to download and match the old settings and profiles. Made a HUGE difference in loading times.

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It will not start at all. DCS does not think its there. Skatezilla does not see it either. There are no error messages as it doesn’t open/run. I think its a download problem, but ED said it might not be and I should hold off downloading again. However I can see the files -

You cannot repair what it cannot see

@Scoop when you click the dcs module manager, the gridded square icon, top left, what does it show when you click the maps tab?

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The only modules on my dcs are F18, Persian Gulf, Nevada and Supercarrier. I have vaicom pro but am not using it yet. Syria is invisible to DCS and Skatezilla

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Ah, just read the question more carefully. I shall look for the maps tag in module manager.

As you will see from the above there is no maps tab. At least I cannot see it.

Terrains is the one.

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Yes, check the “Terrains” tab in the module manager.
Also, you can take screenshots in DCS by just pressing the Print Screen key on your keyboard, they will be stored in: C:\Users\ YOUR USERNAME \Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\ScreenShots

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Throw in the %username% variable and anyone can just copy paste the directory! :wink:

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oooh nice, thanks Wes!

Alrighty so it sees Syria as installed and active, but won’t work?

What if we disable the Syria map, close DCS, reopen it, and re-enable it?

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Disabled syria. Restarted DCS. reselected Syria. Restarted DCS. No change

Okay what about running a repair now?

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running repair now on all files.

My laptop complicates DCS. On the laptop I use it in its highest resolution 1920x1080 be able to read anything and to fly with it. I normally link it to a 4K TV in 4k. To open module manager however I have to set a lower resolution, typically 1280x720. Otherwise clicking module manager has no effect. Works fine if I do this. Updater now 2/3 through