Syria Map

No change. Even used Skatezilla. Despite it showing on terrains I do not think DCS can see it. Looking at the module icons at the bottom of the screen, Syria is in monochrome and clicking it repeatedly will get the icon to expand. Selecting instant action has no effect.

Good to see it’s hopefully doing something on the repair.

It doesn’t work. :frowning:

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When you go on skatezillla app. Look on terrains. Can you select and deselect it? Just on the app? Also when you start DCS. Look at the top left corner next to your username. Should be a numpad looking icon near settings. Click on that and have a look see if the store recognises your purchase.

Did you buy it from DCS store and is it linked to your online dcs account

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Thats what I was getting at. It seems weird he can download the files but not access them. Maybe a payment mistake? You can order the files and pay later on the store. Its an odd system on there

Affirm. Paid for in the same way as the rest. Going into the DCS shop it is marked as “BOUGHT”.

Skatezilla does not mention Syria at all. It is invisible.

I think you might be looking in wrong place as I don’t own it and It shows up on mine but blanked out

See if the Saltezilla app needs an update. If @Victork2 can see it without owning it perhaps your app predates the Syria map? That’s the only thought I can make for that.


Two other points:

I am unsure about instant actions for Syria being available yet - if you launch the Mission Editor, is it an option there to make a new mission with the other maps?

Also, you can try connecting to Hollo Pointe North in multiplayer, we have a Syria mission running last I set anyway. If it’s not there you should get a missing module type warning of some sort.

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Thats what I was wondering. Im not in front of my pc now but I remember having thr same problem when i got the tomcat and couldn’t see it till i updated the launcher

Sorry. DCS Open Beta and Skatezilla are both up to date

I am unable to open anything on the Syria map. All I con do is open the icon at the bottom, but no link then does anything

Does this show the same for your other modules?
All mine show as “COMPLETED” in the orders section.

Well let’s call in the man himself - @SkateZilla, perhaps he may have some insight into what situation could cause this since he knows some of the inner workings of DCS.

just a quick thought, the syria map is in the dcsworld/mods/terrains folder, with all the other maps, if it is and your game still cant see it, could it be an account problem? where you have bought it but the DCS activations havent worked.

Also I just checked all my DCS orders and they all have complete aswell.

Whats the Version Number of the App you are using?

Syria was added in Version: / 8.19.2020.1

I downloaded and ran 10.2.2020.1 last night and it did have Syria as an option. However it did not run or repair it in DCS. This morning Skatezilla is version and Syria is not an option. I think I should learn crochet.

How in hades… so the in game module manager shows the map as owned and installed?

I would almost suggest nuking it from orbit. Copy the dcs mods folder to a backup folder. Deinstall the game, all of it. Reboot the computer.
Reinstall the game but move the files back in before you run the installer, it will see them and check them for integrity instead of sucking down all of it.

You could also hand the machine to @Victork2 and let him sort it out.

This map is worth the hassle. Believe me.

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