TARGET Gurus...Need Some Help...

I need some help creating profiles. I’m just learning the basics. Specifically, I need to figure out to create a profile for some older Jane’s sims that can’t use multiple controllers.

Also, how do you activate a profile once you’ve made one?

PFunk, I hope that those old sims will recognize the combined TM controller, but if so, launching a profile is easy. Once you’ve created and saved it, click once on the profile, followed by the Run button. The GUI will disappear and you’ll see a window showing each controller script loading.

It should eventually stop loading commands and look like the window below.


Then launch your sim and navigate to Settings → Controllers, or whatever the controller configuration page is called, and look for a controller called something like TM WARTHOG Combined or Thrustmaster Combined as in the load status window. Does this help?

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The programming language is very similar to C, and the included guide is fairly decent. Talk to @Homefries if you can - he has a very, Bru good handle on the ins and outs of what TARGET can do.

There are 2 ways to create a TARGET profile:

  1. Using the GUI like chipwich has shown
  2. Using the Script Editor (i.e. programming in C)

If you just want a single integrated controller with 8 axes and 32 buttons, you can easily do this with the GUI. You can create a generic profile that will work with any old game that recognizes only one controller. However, you can also very easily do this with the Script Editor, and I think the benefit of using the script editor well outweighs the assistance of the GUI.

Problem with the GUI is that it creates a profile that is too cumbersome to import into the script editor (which would otherwise be a logical thought for developing a baseline configuration to tweak). If you’re looking to create a generic 1-controller profile, then make tweaks for each game (i.e. 1 profile for JF-15, another for JF-18), then it’s best to create a generic profile in the Script Editor.

Basic commands aren’t bad at all. The TARGET guide is very good for covering the basics. Some examples of code lines:

These map your Warthog X and Y axes as you would expect (replace &Joystick with &HCougar for a Cougar).

For buttons, the basic command is:
MapKey(&Joystick, S2, DX2);
which assigns the “pickle” button to button 2

From there, you can map a total of 8 analog axes and 32 DirectX buttons before you hit the Windows limitation of a single controller. At that point, you can start using key emulation for things like MFDs.

For activation, it depends. A profile built with the GUI must be activated through the GUI. A profile built with Script Editor can be activated through the Script Editor (pressing the “play” button), or though the GUI via command line (i.e. if you want to create a desktop shortcut).

If you’re looking for an example of code for an older game, take a look at my Total Air War profile, which was written for a single-controller game, but integrates stick, throttle, rudders, and MFDs. Also, feel free to take a look at my integrated DCS profile for an idea of what you can do with TARGET once you realize that you’re just programming in a nerfed version of C with special libraries. Also of note, Appendix E in the Advanced Configuraion Guide (DCS profile) walks you through creating a desktop shortcut.

Hope this helps.

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