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This is a long shot. And yes I am trying everything to put off the inevitable OS re-install.

So, when has it started.

Well since I upgraded win7 to win10 (upgrade install not fresh install of OS), but lately its happening so frequently I have got to a point where I want to punch kittens in the face.

What am I getting. BSOD’s of various natures and just OS crashes all resulting in computer restarting. Strange thing is, I don’t get any problems aside from when I play DCS. Closing down DCS or DCS crashing usually causes a BSOD. On closing DCS, I feel lucky if I don’t get a BSOD these days.

In addition I am often getting integrity check issues in DCS. I am not running any mods and the only way to restore the integrity check for multiplayer is to restart the computer which fixed the issue. DCS has been cleaned and repaired many times using @SkateZilla 's updater tool. But the problem persists.

What have I done. Run just about every utility and integrity checker I can find. Whilst It has cleared some issues, the “DCS + my WIN10 install explosive relationship” still exists and no other faults can be found.

So my question to the GURU’s of OS WIN 10.

Is it worth me uninstalling DCS fully and reinstalling it to see if that fixes the issue…
…… or am I flogging a dead horse and should just bite the bullet and do a fresh install of WIN10. reinstalling DCS would be the simple issue.

Have you checked the integrity of your file system lately?


What tool did you use?

Just about every tool available in win10 app

Plus console
sfc /scannow
DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth

Is there a different scan tool I can use ?

If you haven’t already, fire up a console (windows+r, then type cmd+enter), type ‘chkdsk DCSdrive: /f /r’, replace DCSdrive with the letter of the drive that DCS is on.

Other things to check:

  • Is DCS the only game you play on that system or do you play other games that are taxing on the hardware? If other games, are there problems with those?

  • Have you checked your RAM integrity? Try running mdsched if not (windows+mdsched+enter, choose restart and check for problems).

What is the error code that appears with the BSOD?

Are there any newer chipset drivers for your mainboard?

@sobek - I had run the memory test before - but did it again anyway. One strange thing with it. It says it will give me the results when I log back on, but both times it didn’t. Anyhow I watched it run and it said until finished (before restarting) that nothing was detected.
The Chkdsk I had not tried. And that came up clean as well.

I have a host of games. The only 2 big simulators that I use are ARMA 3 and DCS. I have a host of smaller games like Total War Warhammer 2 through to mudspinners and all seems to run with no problems. It only seems to be DCS that sets my comp into rage mode.

here are some of them.
PFN_ List_corrupt
programmable root enumerator problem

When I ran
DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth
it did detect and fixed a problem. But I can’t seem to locate what is actually the problem. I have been researching them all and doing the trouble finding tips but my computer says it can’t identify the problem.

Do you have a set of spare RAM dimms that you could test with?

Unfortunately no

So two thoughts -

This sounds very much like Graphic card drivers / Firmware to me. The fact that everything else runs without causing this feels like DCS is pushing the card more than any other game and suddenly everything is blue.

If there were memory or HDD drive issues you would see that across the range of games and applications you are using.

Uninstall and clean up the drivers for your card, and run any firmware update it needs.

As for the memory, Are you one who jumped to 32GB awhile back? If so pull the 16 you added if that is what happened and see if that solves the problem. DCS might be the only program hitting those numbers and compatibility may be an issue.

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Did you add another 16GB?
Should be no issue if you have the right type of DIMMS your board supports.

You might just need to pull them out and reseat them.

What settings do you run in DCS and what card do you have?

2 years ago i had BSOD only when playing Cliff of Dover! After many test i found a faulty ram!
Beware test from the os weren’t able to find it!

I don’t remember wich utility i used but it run an extensive test from a boot disk (or usb stick)

Just my 2 coins…

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I have uninstalled and reinstalled new drivers for my card. I should have mentioned that. It was one of the first things I checked

hmmm the memory is 4sticks of 8gig all purchased at the same time.

Just wondering what is making you guys think its a mem issue (for my learning).

And yep it was me that upgraded from 16 to 32 gig of ram.

P.s. Thanks for all the replies.

15 years in IT and I agree it’s more likely than not that RAM is at fault here.
As for why only DCS I think it’s probably the only that push for (nearly) max RAM usage.

I have checked my ram usage and in DCS with background programmes running I stay just under 16gig. so only using half of it.

Is there a 3rd party programme I can use to test the ram ?

Also just a thought. As my GFX card is on the older side of things now (it doesn’t have much ram) how do I check if the graphics card ram is faulty ?

Cycle through combinations of 2sticks and test with dcs.

Try removing one deck at a time and always run the same mission in DCS.

As for GFX card RAM, google is best… At work we used a physical RAM tester.

We think it is RAM because of the Blue screens and only in DCS.

HDD errors mostly manifest themselves as freezes and lockups.

Windows errors tend to manifest as strange errors with text that even Microsoft doesn’t want to read.

Blue screens tend to occur due to either drivers not answering the calls correctly, or programs running in memory conflicting with each other, or, you saw this one coming, the memory itself.

Also - Don’t think of the second two sticks as never being used. They are all one big pool as far as windows is concerned and you could be hitting the bad register on the, what you consider the fourth module, at any time. Standard troubleshooting is to pull modules to isolate the bad chip.

I think memtest has been the standard software tester for years? It has been a long time since I spent anytime with the bench jockeys. They are so young now. All they talk about is Overwatch and League of Legends. In my day…


Memtest was going to be my recommendation. It will take a WHILE to go through 32gbs, but it has always worked well for me.