Thank you for A-4E-C Skyhawk guide

DCS beginner.

Very much enjoyed reading a sensible clear material on the A4E. :slight_smile:

With it, I was able to use the plane and evaluate DCS without committing to purchasing a plane yet.
Great job and thanks!


I kind’a wish I could say that…:stuck_out_tongue:

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That’s great to hear! Which guide at are you referring to though?

I am only aware of the 2 guides I linked to which were made by ED Forums users Wheelyjoe and haclek.
I think you (we) should be thanking them and they probably don’t read Mudspike. Ah well, maybe they will see this post anyways

My apology, here is last page of Ali’s pdf.

Thanks to the A-4E-C team for creating one of the
best mods I’ve ever seen:
● Gospadin (In Memoriam)
● Gyrovague
● Plusnine
● Kryb
● Merker
● Jones
● Farlander
● Dr. Manius
Thanks to Chuck for his amazing guides and
okaying my blatant rip-off.
For more information see:
NATOPS A-4E/F/G Skyhawk Manual NAVAIR
Weapons tables from the F-5 Non-nuclear weapons


No apology required :slight_smile:

Indeed, thanks to all those people and Ali/Wheelyjoe for making the guide as well. The A-4 is a lovely little module.

All I meant was: you were probably reaching out to Wheelyjoe. His inspiration and the ‘inventor’ of this kind of guide is @Chuck_Owl and he is a Mudspike user, but the author of the A-4E guide is not on this forum, as far as I am aware, not are the other people credited in this last page.
Although we could also thank @SkateZilla for helping the A-4 team.

My point is, whoever your post seemed to be aimed at is not on this forum, so you might want to try sending a PM or making a thread on the ED Forums too.
Or I misunderstood your title and you just want to point out to us how good the A-4 and Wheelyjoe’s guide are.

As if things would have one any differently lol.

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Yeah, everybody’s gonna buy the F-14 anyways.