The 33 is getting some love!


I have the ‘full brakes (?)’ mapped to a paddle on my stick and just use that rather the foot pedal toe brakes. Once the afterburner kicks in I use WEP (it won’t engage before they fire). Once the WEP lights up (middle light ish, below the two green burner indicators) then I let go of the paddle and it’s go time on the roller coaster of doom, off the end of the ski ramp.


Thanks fearless. I didn’t realize that it wasn’t a toggle. More thrust at brake release is inversely proportional to the amount of hunkus bites in seat cushion.


The full breaks apply quite a but more pressure than the regular brakes. They are only for taking off of the carrier. You can see that the brake needles go up about 33 more percent than regular braking pressure.


Yep, 200 lb - I meant just on take off :slight_smile:

I think the real thing actually has hold back / chocks that rise up through the deck (in position where the blast doors go up behind) but I don’t think the current ship has those working.


Not quite the same ship / plane, but like so.


Hmm… I’d love to do something for a Russian craft, but I’d rather steer clear of FC3 modules, there is so much less things that can be done in missions / systems to be used etc. Plus I have my hands full with finishing the Red Flag for M-2000C (I really like how it comes together!) and upgrading old campaigns for new Caucasus standard.


I rememeber at some point those chocks worked in game when you used “ship position” command (I may remember that name wrong) with the U key. It placed your aircraft at the correct spot, raised jet blast delfector and those chocks. I think it was working that way in FC2 or early DCS World version. Now the jet blast deflector rises when you ask the tower for take off permission. You could see the chocks working in the newest Su33 promo video though (at 0:30)


I haven’t flown a 33 off a ship in a long time, it’s all been shore ops lately. That said, it was pretty much a no-brainer in the old days.
So they’ve finally shined it up…


Thank you, I’ve been meaning to bring this up.


1.5.7 alpha Su33 Carrier Ops.miz (15.0 KB)

Another change.

I’ve added an AWACS and an enemy flight spawn if any Su33s fly to the trigger at the northern waypoint. (If players stay with the tanker and carrier, nothing gets spawned).


So it looks like the new 2.5 Caucaus map that the promo 33 video was done on has the new Admiral K carrier as well. Nice, plus another reason to look forward to it’s release (and build unification).


Not that it matters much but I does it on the old model too.

But I’m still looking forward to the new model!


I am running the mission now if anyone wishes to join.


what’s the server called?


Much darker than in-game. Plus I couldn’t find prntscrn in VR so I missed them both hooked.


I had to do a quick experiment, just to see.

Summary: The AI really struggles to get off the deck of the Admiral K.


AI Fuel Load Weight Ejects?
1 100% 71,940 Yes
2 63% 64,193 Yes
3 40% 59,377 Yes
4 20% 55,188 No

So it looks like they have to tank straight away, just like us.

For Environment and set-up I just used @smokinhole’s mission here:


I’ve learned a bit about how accurate the flight director is for landing on the boat. It makes very precise yet gentle predictions for what is needed to stay on path. But it does keep you a shade low on the glideslope. If using the HUD for the approach I find keeping a tiny bit above center on the big circle puts you on the wires. Still it is accurate enough to land on the boat completely blind using the head-down instruments. Another thing about the flight director is how sophisticated the coding behind the curtain is. If you catch the ILS using the approach mode, the ILS bars are biased away and steering cues are GPS or INS. At around 4-5 km there’s a tiny flicker and then the HSI ILS bars center. It looks very real. (All of this magic predates PFM and maybe even predates DCS but still shows the attention under the hood.)


(Somebody tell me if I am getting tedious).

I have an updated mission running. What I would like to know (if anyone is willing to test) is if the enemy CAP aircraft make any attempt to engage. I am trying to find a balance in AI aggressivity between “Canadian leaflet droppers” and low-level suicide F-15s who all get taken out by the boats. I also would like to know if the next group of F-16s ever depart once the previous flights are taken out. If anyone does join, it takes about 7 minutes before the first AWACS “pop up” call. If you just want to tank or fly around the boat, nothing will bother you.

Server is called “Smokin Hole Testing”. PW is “mudspike”. (I have daughter duties and will not be on.) Thanks!

{Mission back up}


It’s not tedious for me, quite the opposite. Plus those leaflets give a discount off your next medical bankruptcy claim. :slight_smile:


@smokinhole the server/mission is paused and nobody can unpause it except you.