The 33 is getting some love!


Doh! I forgot about that. (Sorry)


Su33 Carrier Ops v2d.miz (22.0 KB)

*AI behaves a little better
*2nd strike and CAP group launches after 1st lands or is destroyed
*added some vehicles to bomb

(Management, a repository for missions and content sure would be nice!)


We tried that in May 16, with an idea of using tags to organize the different facets of the uploaded files for easier searching/finding, but the lack of interest made it fizzle out. A missions topic would work though.


Would a wiki be a good platform for organizing our missions and such?


It could be, but in the area of new content types it pays to often meet the demand rather than try to create the demand by having something new set-up in anticipation.

Put another way, any one of us can create a ‘DCS Missions’ topic under #flight-sims and then start uploading missions. We can put keywords that the search will work well with i.e. ‘Mission Overview’ and ‘DCS-v1.5.7’ and then the topic becomes easily searchable. Eventually someone will suggest a sensible post template we can all use. We can also change the first post in the topic to be a wiki post, in that anyone can edit it and add their post to the ‘table of contents’ first post. I can then add a special static search page just for missions that uses the forum API to make it seem more like a traditional file library online. Sort of grow it out organically.

If that got used and we bumped into the limitations of that then I could see it would be worth setting up a separate wiki or files category here, as we’ve then got a clear problem to solve with a set goal, rather than some problem solving toys looking for people with a problem to use it on.


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Looking at the selection of full fidelity Russian planes, does this mean MiG-21 campaign confirmed? :slight_smile:


Looks like squad mate didnt make it with that load :smile:


I jumped into DCS this morning, to install the Garmin 430 and do the tutorial - decided to have a look at this mission.

I’ve never taken off from a boat in a fixed wing in DCs World, so I was a bit clueless as to how it goes - never sat here before

I decided to go at it Strike Fighters 2 style - brakes on, full throttle, brakes off, pray…

but first two attempts ended thus:

So, for the thrid go, I got clever! Turned around and taxiied right up to the back edge of the deck, so I had the longest stretch of hard top in front of me.

And… it worked! :grin:

Did a few circuits, but there was no way I was going to attempt a landing without first at least some idea of what to do. I’ve done some touch and goes in the Su-25, but this thing is a lot quicker.


I think a lot of things need adjusting,

Most naval aircraft take off w/ a lesser fuel load and hit the IL-78 Tanker before running their mission.


Judging from the proximity of the support ships I am guessing that’s the mission I submitted. The Su33’s on the boat have 40% fuel which is actually plenty. You should have no problem taking off at that weight. You really shouldn’t even sink below the elevation of the ramp at all if you use both the “Start Brakes” and WEP. Aim for somewhere between 15 and 20 degrees on the attitude indicator until you have a healthy positive climb rate. If you let the nose hit 10 or less BEFORE raising it for the climb you will establish a sink rate that might be unrecoverable.


The main problem I seemed to be having was holding the aircraft in place whilst increasing the throttle. If I could hold it at higher thrust I can get more speed up before launch, instead of being several metres ahead of the start point before releasing the brakes - it just isn’t going quickly enough when I leave the ski ramp.


@Brix - so the key thing is that in the front two positions on the Carrier, to use the ‘Start Brakes’ (more powerful than the normal braking) and the WEP (emergency power) setting on the throttle. The WEP can only be engaged when the afterburners are already lit, so it needs to be done in swift order.


and lift the FOD gates…


Well thanks for the tips - I’ll be having another look. Think I need to do an Su-33 KIF. I had planned on it, after the new Su-33 became public retail release. As always, it’s a question of fitting it in to my hectic schedule.


What’s a “KIF”?


Well if you’re German, it’s a reefer :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well I could watch that. Or just stay ignorant. I choose option two :slight_smile:


Fine - removed to save space.


I’m sorry brix. That was an A$$ play on my part. I just wanted a simple explanation like KIF = “Kittens Intelligently Frolicking” where I didn’t actually need to listen to a guy for 5 minutes before figuring out what he was talking about. But despite my anti-social outburst I did go to the website and learn a little about the kneeboard thingy…neat!