The 33 is getting some love!


Some like simple explanations


That is something I was thinking about - when time permits, yes. MiG-21 and Ka-50. And definetely Hind when it is out.


Don’t worry about it. Can’t say I didn’t feel a bit :tired_face: - not because you didn’t want to check it out - that’s fine. I’m always getting myself into trouble for misexpressing myself.

New word.


Ok, guys- next skill level is here.
Can any of you do THIS?!


For you see Igor, we don’t want to harm precious expensive brake wire.


For Igor, remember, before to landing always show your belly for lowered landing gear and hung stores to Control, ok?
That way you are sure landing will be O.K.


AND he snagged the 3 wire. Basterd!


What he doesn’t say is that was the 453rd take… :grin:


When did Dr. Zebra migrate to DCS?


I kind of had the same thought.


Ok, so he passed the sim evaluation, now lets see him try this in real life… no?


Hahahahaaha, well- sounds just about right! :wink:


So, considering that the Su-33 is now also available in 2.1 and I can park a carrier off Normandy, I finally had to give it a try. This is the first time I had flown the Su-33 with the new flight model. In fact I think I have flown the Su-27 AFM about once.

At the risk of sounding like a jerk, but all this carrier stuff is surprisingly easy. The Su-33 almost crawls onto the deck and throttle controls altitude like a forklift. Sure, flying a nice stable approach to a 3-wire requires some effort. But you can easily land the aircraft however you like with no apparent negative impact. Still, fun stuff :slight_smile:


I have to admit, in VR it wasn’t nearly as bad. While this looks absolutely terrifying to fly with your life in the balance, in the Rift every night basically looks like its just a dark day.

I also noticed in VR it is very hard to judge altitude above the ocean. I think the Rift is lacking the resolution to display waves beyond a couple hundred meters, so the lower half of your screen basically becomes a uniform plate. I have never experienced this in 2d. Very disorientating and exhausting.


If you want a challenge on the boat, lower the vis enough so that the ILS is required until you cross the fantail. And If you REALLY want a challenge, fly all the way to trap without looking up from the heads-down HSI and flight director.