The 33 is getting some love!


Gotta be close now…


Don’t those antennae thingys fold down for normal carrier ops? Super excited about the Su-33 improvements…yas…!

Nevermind…read the rest of the thread…


I really want the Su-25UTG…


I want the hypothetical one that’s essentially an Su-39 with a tail hook. A flimsy Russkie A-6 loaded down with Kh-31s or 35s does wonderful things for scenario design.


I can get behind this. :thumbsup:


This is needed for this

Another step closer


I am really excited for the PFM and the carrier landings being more difficult. Right now it feels like easy mo…

(I think I am the smoke plume to starboard, and my chair is the one to port…)


Yeah. Thats the one we want :slight_smile:

Su-25TM (Su-39)

A second-generation Su-25T, the Su-25TM (also designated Su-39), has been developed with improved navigation and attack systems, and better survivability. While retaining the built-in Shkval of Su-25T, it may carry Kopyo (rus. “Spear”) radar in the container under fuselage, which is used for engaging air targets (with RVV-AE/R-77 missiles) as well as ships (with Kh-31 and Kh-35 antiship missiles). The Russian Air Force has received 8 aircraft as of 2008.[76] Some of the improved avionics systems designed for T and TM variants have been included in the Su-25SM, an interim upgrade of the operational Russian Air Force Su-25, for improved survivability and combat capability.[15] The Su-25TM, as an all-inclusive upgrade programme has been replaced with the “affordable” Su-25SM programme.


I should note I don’t actually want to fly the frog. I’m looking to increase the diversity of my bird’s diet.



Is this with new updates applied to it?


The video is new today so I believe so,I see the wings folding at end…I think this’s a New Feature?


It’s recorded by one of the ED team so it surely is the new flight model. Also noticable during the landing which is much different from the current flight model.


The wings have folded since at least 2003.


I noticed as well the different landing dynamics.


Woot…! Now I wonder how long it will be before that footage ends up on a news channel where they think it is real footage…LOL…


You always have had a thing for trainers…


If they gave it the full dcs treatment, day one purchase for me. Love to hunt me some overhyped turkey that @near_blind may be flying :yum:


You’re on.


It’s that CFII in me wanting to be of some use (I haven’t actually taught anyone to fly in 20 years despite retaining the ratings…)…