The 33 is getting some love!



Visually, the carrier looks good, but it needs the FLOLS.


>Auto Throttle?
>Using stick to correct vertical?
>Indications of a flare?


not everyone is a certified Flanker Pilot.


Oh man…that is looking fantastic. The look of the water really blows me away…it is really coming along nicely. Can’t wait to see that new Kuz and mess around with the Su-33 again. Has there been any info on when both the Kuz and Su-33 will be available? I’m thinking we are going to need a Mudspikeski Carrier Quals MP night event upon release!


@Tankerwade does need a chance at redemption after the 2015 Fly In.


Maybe the Fly-In rules should be that you have to take a shot of Vodka every time someone ramp strikes. :thinking:


when new CVN and Kuz Images were initially shown it was said the 2 Carriers would be a DLC,

not sure if plans have changed or not, I doubt it has, but w/ ED’s infatuation w/ making bundles, and pre-order bonus’, dont be surprised if Su-33 Standalone + Kuznetsov and F/A-18C + CVN Packages Pop up, and don’t be surprised if there’s some sort of Bonus/Grandfather Rule for FC3 Owners etc etc. (all Speculation of course).


Those wheels look different. Did they already implemented the wheel pressure they were talking about in the russian forum or is that just a visual bug that needs to be fixed?

Looking closer at the wheels it really looks like a wheel pressure effect.


looks like the wheels are a bit into the deck mesh.


I agree with Texac, the tires look somewhat deformed more than being clipped with the carrier’s deck



I am game for a Mudspike Trap Day. I’ve been getting a head-start with the ‘placeholder’ PFM. I have little quick and dirty practice mission ready with a tanker orbiting nearby.

Does anybody know if the tanker will open up baskets two and three if more than one client needs a drink?


Seems to be the two wing baskets at the moment. I read the middle is only used to refuel the “big boys”


middle basket is “different”


So @near_blind I have been working on my landings and I think I am ready for a carrier trap fly-in.

There’s just one part I am still trying to dial in - How do you guys keep the ramp from speeding you up before the wires?
The whole carrier layout just seems so un-intuitive…

And even when I get it right the LSO just keeps screaming at me at the top of his lungs ??? I mean it’s in Russian so I don’t know what he’s saying but it doesn’t feel like we are on the same page at all. Also, his hand gestures aren’t in the book either…


Ha Ha Ha Ha! Tankerwade just made my day. I will be smiling all day. That water does look good.


Oh I would love a Mudspike trap night!
Especially in the weekend, preferably when it’s not so late in Europe.


That would be a great night … Wreckage everywhere… Much like the night of the Huey a few years ago … :slightly_smiling_face:


We will work something up for sure…!


but could you land one on each end at the same time …:fearful: