The 33 is getting some love!


My enthusiasm for a DCS F-111 prior to joining this forum:


My current enthusiasm for a DCS F-111:



Your chances of ever seeing it :slight_smile:






I’d prefer a new place to fly. Or a single mission generator that could make scenarios that aren’t reminiscent of Worst Case Scenario.



Have we heard any updates on when the Su-33 FM will be implemented?


Two WeeksTM


Late september



My family is out of town this week. I was hoping to blow up on the carrier and do some cursing…


Of course…a Harrier would work too.


coming today!


Looks like I’ll have to do some inferior quality slav traps, for science.


Time to take a few Vodka shots and put on the hardbass.

Paging Dr. @komemiute: your talents are desperately needed: We need an Su-33, Adidas edition!


I like where this is going…



I am very excited this thread didn’t make it to the two year mark.

Also: Trap weekend!


With over 3 months to spare as well!!

Updating now. Happy to have something to fiddle with on the weekend. I miserably rolled back to 1.5.4 for VR performance but will brave the storm for the 33 to see what’s up.

Hmm, I wonder if the ship’s deck stickiness behavior has changed? I also wonder if it helps helos landing on the floaties?


I’ll be in for a few hours tomorrow evening, then maybe Sunday night. Doggy - daddy beach trip.