The Essential Books Thread

I know we tacked on to the game deals thread, but I think this deserves its own one.

Let’s share recommendations of some great reads.

I’ll kick off with:

I just love the time period, the achievement and the understated way he got things done.

PS any link in a post shows a preview but do whatever works.


Neal Stepheson is one of my favorite authors, although my wife can’t stand his ‘thick mushy layers’ so a fair warning. This one is a weird mix of math, religion and world-building. I loved it.

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Basically my entire Christmas break until now has been dominated by WWII naval history, specifically the early Solomon Islands Campaign.

This was in turn sparked by reading…

Anyone know of a good Coral Sea book?

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A few of my all-time favorites…

The best helicopter and perhaps non-fiction war book ever:

One of the most moody and accurate books about aviation…and one I think of often during weeks like the past two around here (foggy and at mins every night)…

Want to know why we fight so much?

Be there as the armor rolls into Baghdad…

And this guy’s recollections of trying to refuel in thunderstorms made my palms sweat…



Almost forgot another of my favorites. I love the way Fick writes and conveys his frustrations with the way the military works (or doesn’t work in some cases)…

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One Bullet Away is probably one of the best books I’ve ever read, period. I enjoy Fick as an author, and respect his ability to convey the frustrations and triumphs of being a junior officer. If you like that, I’d also recommend…


Something completely different:

I love Terry Pratchett’s discworld novels.

Probably my two favourites (although I can list a bunch of others that I enjoyed just as much):

Not what I’d recommend to start out with if you don’t know the discworld novels but these two just stand out for me. And I haven’t come across a discworld novel I didn’t like.


I think Small Gods is a good intro into his style, as a nice self-contained book to get hooked. Such a shame Mr Pratchett is no longer with us.

Talking of which, Iain M Banks is another that it seems so sad is now gone too. I prefer Player of Games over Consider Phlebas as the ‘Culture series’ intro book.


Guys does anyone own this book, seems like interesting read from the past

I thought I’d throw one of my favorites out there…


Team Yankee is a classic…

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My favourite novel from the Vietnam war. Quite exceptional

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Great topic Guys,

Will get back here soon with some aviation shares.

One book i’ve read and heard because I have it on book and audio format now is Arthur C Clarke’s book called Rendezvous with Rama, what a brilliant factual based science/fiction book that is. It would be very hard to film i know, but Avatar at least has shown anything can be filmed if the budget and backing are there.

Morgan Freeman has some idea’s to get this filmed i think? but nothings happening as of now.

The Fountains of Paradise is another good book and another book I’d love to see on the big screen.

Rama was a great a book - I thought the follow ons to Rama weren’t quite as good (as usually is the case)…but it was really good…

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I agree Beach, have read and indeed listened to the Audio versions of the following unfolding Rama story … and not so good, First Rama is an outstanding story though.

I guess if Rama does get to the big screen it will be spiced up, because unless you like physics or a bit of science, the actual story is not exciting enough for many.

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Here are some of mine:


This is a must read…it’s extremely funny

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Doesn’t seem right this one is missing.