The Force Awakens

So I rewatched this movie again last night at home in glorious surround sound. Wow…what a great film. I found my eyes welling up again when Han Solo showed up in the Falcon. “It’s true…all of it…”

SPOILER - Don’t read below if you haven’t seen it…!

…and I still can’t believe Han is gone…the Galaxy is not right…sigh…


Got our tickets for Rogue One - sort of becoming a new ‘It’s Christmas!’ tradition. Besides, of course, the Star Wars Holiday Special…

Happy Life Day everyone :christmas_tree:

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I still cannot help but start grinning like a child and feel a massive jolt of adrenal whenever the X-Wings show up.


I’ll be once again “screening” the new Star Wars for possible viewing by my son :stuck_out_tongue: Not that I won’t let him watch it regardless haha

Just that music…when that music starts…it sends a shiver down my spine. LOL…

I’m in the same boat. Kai has seen all of the other ones…and I still think it was a bad parenting choice tempered by the fact that I didn’t want him to find out the “story” prior to getting to see it. But still…Episode III had some pretty brutal moments in it. He is the hugest Star Wars fan…and I get the feeling Rogue One will be even darker…but I don’t know if I can keep him from seeing it. He’ll cry for weeks…


I haven’t let mine see episode III, but he is younger. I have a feeling it will also probably be darker, especially since it’s supposed be more of a war story. But then again, the clone wars TV show wasn’t exactly young kid friendly either. As long as I can be crafty and quick with an explanation of something it will probably be a go

Going back through them all with my 8 year old daughter. We just got through the prequels this last weekend. Now its off to the original 3. She is huge fan and can’t wait to see the Rouge One. My youngest, who is 3, will watch them as well, but I dis wait until she was in bed before going into Episode III.


I know just a typo, but…


GAA!! Curs my horible speling!


You know what, it was a nice movie and a soft reboot of Star Wars. But dammit if I am not pissed at how nothing in the SW universe makes sense. Like, everyone has some sort of demented uber Alzheimers. Also the whole political situation doesn’t make sense nor is it explained in any meaningful way. Atleast Lucas tried to do that.

ARGH, so many things so little time…

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The First Order is a revanchist military organization supported by a system of hard line planets sympathetic to the Galactic Imperial cause: think Space Argentina.

The Resistance is a paramilitary organization covertly funded by elements of the Galactic Republic as an attempt to keep the First Order in check, as the Galactic Senate refuses to acknowledge or take direct military action on the matter.

And no, none of it makes sense. It’s space opera, the point is the spectacle and the grandiose set pieces. The original trilogy makes absolutely no sense without thousands of pages of expanded universe filling in the blanks. Lucas’s failing is that he took a galaxy of larger than life people and unfathomable situations, and turned it into three movies worth of writer’s room haggling.


Yes yes I understand, but the FO also has some influence in the senate. I got all of that out the movies. Yet how the whole thing came to be and how people have forgotten about the whole skywalker thing… I mean it makes no freakin sense.

Really, I love background in stories and Star Wars is pretty bad in that regard.

And there is always that weak area on the Death Weapon du jour that the rebels can exploit. Drat…!

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Also, the death weapon is always spherical and the size of a planet or moon… It’s just… boring. Didn’t rogue one have another in the images? It’s like, those things are bloody everywhere. CLEAR YOUR BACKYARD Mr Senate!

I want to know who the galactic planetoid sized doom station salesmen is. That guy’s sales pitch must be legendary. Screw Jedi Mind tricks, I want that guy on my side.


This guy: - YouTube

Well, Rogue One is a movie that is inserted in front of A New Hope - the rebels that steal the plans for the Death Star…at least, I think that is the order of operations. It is starting to get confusing. I need a Star Wars Family Tree.

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By the way - can anyone tell me who the old guy is at the beginning of The Force Awakens - the old guy in the village that is talking to Poe - and gives him the map that eventually ends up in BB8? He seems important…and seems to have the low-down on all the history of the rebellion and all…but I don’t know who he is and where he fits.

He is a kinda important guy from the book that predates the movie. He knows stuff.
Can’t remember his name.

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Sigh… why couldn’t they stick with the Timothy Zahn novels… five books with no crazy superweapons.

Anne they’ve been the best of the whole lot, bar none.