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In this upcoming DLC campaign for DCS World, Apache600 has found a unique way of putting a square peg in a round hole with The Museum Relic story… Let me start out by saying – I hate the MiG-15bis module. Well, I thought I hated the MiG-15 module. (Feel free to substitute F-86 wherever “MiG-15”…

Museum Relic Campaign available!

Nice preview, Beach! Campaigns are great in that they force me to focus on a single module for a while. I love the DCS World MiG-15bis and am very much looking forward to seeing this in the E-Shop. I’d also enjoy the opportunity to get to know the F-86F a bit better.


IIR Apache600 did ask for community help for some voiceovers and your truly did offer my help.
Now, question is- were they used?! :smiley:
I’m afraid I’ll have to buy it to find out!


This is why I frequent this site; the insight and detail that the staff puts into the articles get me genuinely interested.


Yep, it is a site in which one can just sit back, enjoy an honest, decent discussion about a hobby we all enjoy and love, without the bullshit of the other site which we will not name here. This is the site where the adults hang out. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Nice preview. Guess it’s a testament to how well done the MiG-15/F-86 are that whether you’re a prophead or jet fan, seemingly everyone enjoys these 2 after flying them. It’s sorta like the right combination of tech and “elbow grease” to appeal to both.

Looks like I’ve got a campaign to consider now :slight_smile:


So, is anyone else here playing through this campaign? I’m having a great time with it. I picked up the MiG 15 only because someone was selling their license for a heavy discount and I wanted something new to fly with the Rift. The Russian cockpits are a cluttered mess, but they look absolutely awesome in 3D. Anyway, thanks to this campaign, the MiG 15 is now a firm favorite. That, in turn, inspired me to pick up the MiG 21. I haven’t spent much time with that module yet but it seems quite a handful.

If you have the MiG15 or F86, I highly recommend The Museum Relic…


I finished up the campaign this evening. It was a lot of fun and I highly recommend it. I will give it a few weeks and then fly through it again, this time in the F86. :sunglasses:


Bought it the day it was released, flew the first mission and then life interfered. Oh well.


I would, but right now am flying the Red Flag for F-15C in VR. When I’m finished will jump on this. @PaulRix did you fly it in VR?


@chipwich, yes indeed. You will have fun with it. The little MiG is amazing in VR.


Two years later I bought it for $5. So far so fun. Thanks @PaulRix for the recommendation on another thread.