The Russian Ministry of Information video thread


Apparently the captain of this ship was slightly intoxicated*, so his name was withheld.

*which I assume is Russian for pass-out wasted


He almost made it as well! :slight_smile:


I like how traffic pauses. No bridge collapse? Lets get going again!


That is one limbo contest he failed. O_o



I wonder what happened there. He was reversing full power quite in advance. Still very odd. Why would you want to dock a cargo ship to a road bridge? Wasn’t there a pilot aboard? Those guys are there to keep foxtrot-uniforms like this from happening right?


I’m not kidding with the report the captain was intoxicated…




Those foxhounds are such beautiful aircraft. Great videos once again @RedBravo65 you seem to always find such interesting cool stuff!

They did seem to struggle with the refuelling a bit didn’t they. I wonder if conditions were bad or the SU 24 and MiG 31 are just tricky planes to do it in.

The 31 in particular looked like it spooled up slowly and then came on strong and then dropped power slowly again. Must be very tricky.


I’ll bet its just lack of proficiency to be honest. I wonder how many hours of actual flight time the Russians get to practice stuff like that. Some of those stabs at it looked pretty scary. (Looked like a flock of eighteen year old boys on prom night…) Wonder if a drogue has ever ended up in an inlet…


That second one has some great HD views. Nice!