The Russian Ministry of Information video thread


I am not sure where we talked about the commander that managed to shot down the F-117 during Allied Force, but I found this wiki article, nice starting point to read on!


Su-57 footage…I have to admit, I would have laughed if that “reporter” had dropped that model and it had been ingested in the plane…that would have been an internet classic moment…



Cool video of a Malaysian AF Su-30MKM start up and after start checks. I gotta say the I find the thrust vectoring fastinating, and those engines put out quite the fireball on start up.


L-Win + HOME?


It is quite interesting and reminding of how big these planes actually are. One never really get a sense of the size of these aircraft in DCS but watching this video with the ground crew standing next to it just blows my mind how big it really is.


Thats why i love visiting aircraft museums, it really helps me get a sense of how big, or small a lot of these aircraft are. I remember the first time i saw an A-10 in person, it was way bigger than i thought it would be. On the flip side i was surprised at how small the MiG-21 is.

Im sure they wish they could press that and go grab another beer while auto start is running. :rofl:


Unless you accidentally knock the hotas into zone 5 when you get up and return to a smashed airfield fence and a scene similar to the JATO car story :fire::oncoming_automobile::mountain: