The Russian Ministry of Information video thread


I am not sure where we talked about the commander that managed to shot down the F-117 during Allied Force, but I found this wiki article, nice starting point to read on!


Su-57 footage…I have to admit, I would have laughed if that “reporter” had dropped that model and it had been ingested in the plane…that would have been an internet classic moment…



Cool video of a Malaysian AF Su-30MKM start up and after start checks. I gotta say the I find the thrust vectoring fastinating, and those engines put out quite the fireball on start up.


L-Win + HOME?


It is quite interesting and reminding of how big these planes actually are. One never really get a sense of the size of these aircraft in DCS but watching this video with the ground crew standing next to it just blows my mind how big it really is.


Thats why i love visiting aircraft museums, it really helps me get a sense of how big, or small a lot of these aircraft are. I remember the first time i saw an A-10 in person, it was way bigger than i thought it would be. On the flip side i was surprised at how small the MiG-21 is.

Im sure they wish they could press that and go grab another beer while auto start is running. :rofl:


Unless you accidentally knock the hotas into zone 5 when you get up and return to a smashed airfield fence and a scene similar to the JATO car story :fire::oncoming_automobile::mountain:


I’m hesitant to post the video because 3 out of the 4 crew unfortunately died in this horrendous accident but I was wondering if anyone knew what happened in the TU22M3 landing crash at murmansk. Was it just a nasty heavy landing in bad weather or was something else at play here?


Yeah, I saw the video, and would rather it not be posted. It looked really ugly. I don’t know what was happening there…maybe a min fuel situation and it was their last ditch approach to below mins? Just horrible.

If anyone wants to go find it, The Aviationist has a link to it.


Poor guys. Its something you would hope never to see. Those backfire guys are some of the top aviators in russia so I would lean towards a failure as well.
I didn’t think the video would be welcome here beach but I was curious if anyone had any more information. Hope I didnt cross a line here as it wasn’t my intention to upset or offend


Not at all @Victork2 - I really appreciate your discretion. We love nifty videos and you definitely didn’t cross any line. It’s an interesting dilemma because we are a sort of largely military flight sim site, but we also don’t necessarily want the tough stuff to watch (Apache gun videos, stuff like that). It is an imprecise science and I appreciate that you thought about it.

Crazy about that video how the back half split off, went airborne, then came crashing back down. I can’t imagine what was going on in that cockpit that led to that. I don’t know anything about the instrument approach capability, runway lighting, etc… Looked pretty grim there though with the whiteout-ish type conditions.


Good to know. We’re not animals and 3 good men lost there lives there. Thats a tragedy and we should be respectful of that.

Its an odd accident I think. I feel like it must of been expected as the soldier filming didn’t even flinch with his camera once it happened and the fact he was filming a routine landing at all lends credit to the theory of an in flight failure and forced landing.
I assume the rear taking off again would be due to losing 20t of weight as the forward section snapped off and the c of g moving rearward enough combined with the bounce to send it skyward again.
if anything like a blackjack the thrust reversers don’t open till mil power is achieved so may of been some thrust helping things along.
Thats 100 tonnes of heavy bomber destroyed and 3 lives gone whatever happened. RIP guys


Yeah, like you said, the fact that someone was filming perhaps indicates someone was aware of an emergency situation. Loss of hydraulics, flight control malfunction, lots of possibilities coupled with awful weather.

Fate is the hunter.


Yeah I saw the video and it looked like the aircraft was relatively stable, no weird inputs or anything, it just hit the runway and broke up. I am not familiar with the scale of the thing so I can’t say if it was a hard landing or not but that video is a nasty sight to see…


Yeah, there are any number of possibilities given the conditions. Everything from mechanical failure to ice on the windscreen, tailplane icing, airframe icing, vertigo, whiteout, poor supervision during training, a mistakenly set altimeter, etc…


He nails the throttle about 200ft from the ground. Just at the point the landing light becomes visable. So many things could be going wrong it’s gonna be impossible to find out. Those things are huge (longer and heavier than a b1b) so it would of taken a lot to stop that sink rate.


This ridiculous RT propaganda video has some pretty cool shots of the Ka-52. I really liked looking in the cockpit. Probably best viewed on mute or with some soothing music on in the background…haha…


That was COOL!