The time is nigh! (launch trailer, yummy!)




:f14: you need to get your eyes checked bruce


That was goddam magnificent.

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Stirring stuff! I’d buy it! Oh wait, I already did (along with just about every other person here)! ;).

Heatblur is ABSOLUTELY CRUSHING IT when it comes to trailers for this thing. I keep telling myself I will stick with the Hornet and not fly this much, but man…


Absolutely pleased to see that they had the Community A-4E mod in at 3:04. :sunglasses:


From reddit:

We <3 the Heatblur team, /u/gyrovague was one of our lead coders before he went to the big leagues at Heatblur :smiley:


Well I promised I wouldn’t pre order unless till heatblur solidified an actual release date.

Heatblur delivered and so did I. Extremely pumped for the tomcat.

It looks amazing. I’m satisfied heatblur have done all they can to get it out on time. If they slip now I’m confident it will be a minor delay.

They have my money. Great work heatblur. This has been a fun ride! It’s been a great build up. Few ups and downs along the way. But we are so nearly there now.
I’ve met all of the mudspikers because of this module, I’ve had a direct message from cobra himself. I’ve watched some great videos, seen some great pictures and learned a lot about the aircraft and the navy.
overall this has been a lot of fun. I very pleased to finally take the plunge and buy the beast.

See you on the 13th turkey :poultry_leg::poultry_leg::turkey:


With less than 24 hours to go, or there abouts, the excitement is virtually palatable. :star_struck:

To ratchet up the tension a bit more, I have developed a short mission for the new RAZBAM Mig-19P–a little tongue-in-cheek offering and/or something to pass the time as we wait for the big release.

Get the mission here I think you just unzip it to your DCS.Open Beta Missions folder.

The story:

It is 13 March 2019. You and your wingman, flying unstoppable (and evidently un-stall-able) Mig-19P’s are sent to interrupt the delivery of Heat Blur’s Tomcats to the Mudspike crowd of avid enthusiasts. (Don’t worry, the mission is pretty hard to beat…the Tomcats will most likely get through) :grin:

Hope you enjoy the mission. Come Wednesday, I am looking forward to reading all the initial reports about the Tomcat! :hugs::star_struck:


Checking it out…

@Hangar200 wow, that briefing alone… You should do this more often Sir, perhaps string ten to twenty together in a coherent whole and sell 'em through the ED storefront?

2nd edit: just flew it. I’m not sure the scoring worked. Also, I don’t think the MiG-19 has the firepower needed to sink the ship. Fun mission tho!

Made a ‘slight’ tactical error this morning… Said how excited I was about tommorow over the phone to my wife this morning. “Can’t wait it’s gonna be so much fun”

I went on and on and on at her.

She then replied “your not talking about my birthday at all are you”

Wife’s birthday tommorow…

Guess who forgot. (mitigated slightly by me buying her present ages ago)

Awesome work Victork2… Awesome


That is impressive, especially to the woman who gifted you not just the FC3 pack, but a oculus freakin rift. You sir, do not get to tomcat this week :no_entry: :f14: :no_entry:


You could say I’ve been chock-blocked…

What an idiotic thing to do!

Mad scramble after work tonight I think. Poor girl.

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I didn’t decide yet… buy at release or wait?

But I think I am with @Hangar200 and will wait for the initial impressions first.

Yeah…I threw it together yesterday and really need more time to test it…but with tomorrow fast approaching…did yo know it is also @Victork2’s wife’s birthday? I think possibly you could sink the ship with bombs…maybe.

Actually I am thinking of doing a campaign eventually. There is a lot of things to learn.

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Some of the best campaigns I flew so far, most of the fun is in the writing. Sim-novels so to say… :smiley:

Congrats to your wife @Victork2. You go seek out the sappiest, pinkest romcom for her and enjoy it with her lol. :rose:

and NO! Top Gun does not count!


You know you are going to buy it ;). May as well get it at the reduced price before it changes tomorrow.

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You got her the Saber?! Or better yet the Huey!? You Sir, are a true loving husband. :wink: