Thoughts on new PC.

So, I’m looking to upgrade my PC.
I only use it for gaming, and as I’m totally hooked by VR, I need all the frames I can squeeze out per second…
I recently bought a 1080TI, and now I’m looking at upgrading the rest of the kit.

Today I have:
i7 4790k @4.5GHz
32Gb DDR3 1866Mhz
ASUS Gryphon Z97
ASUS Geforce GTX 1080 Ti ROG Poseidon
3 different SATA SSD

Currently I’m looking at:
i7 8700k
Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 4000MHz 32GB
ASUS ROG Maximus X Hero, Socket-1151
Samsung 960 PRO 512GB M.2 PCIe SSD

Thoughts on this?

Edit: I also need some help finding a CPU watercooler that I can use to cool my GTX 1080 Ti. Or should one use two separate coolers?
What about powersupply? Any ideas?

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I will be replying more comprehensively later, I am just out of bed to start the 23rd nightshift in a row YUK.
Why 4000Mhz RAM and why 32Gb.
Will you use all the features from the Maximus X?

PSU is very important so nothing less than 750W I personally would go 1000W and a good efficiency rating (80+)
I like my EVGA

But I love and have used extensively the Enermax galaxy but they seem to have stopped making them

I will post my Watercooling thoughts later if I may

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My watercooling loop which could easily cope with a GPU as well as the CPU consists of

with a 360mm Radiator and 3x120mm fans in a push configuration
Looped from Reservoir to rad to CPU to pump/reservoir
Idle CPU temps @5.2 Ghz 26- 28C load temps 60+ It would be lower but I used up my Kryonaught TIM troubleshooting a borked board and had to use some very old arctic silver I had laying around. The Kryonaught gave me an idle of 22 C with a room temp of 20C :slight_smile:

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Bigger, better, faster and more? :wink:
Seriously, If I knew what I was doing I wouldn’t ask around here…
You saying I could do with less?

Since I don’t know what those features are, my answer will have to be ”prolly not” :slight_smile:
ASUS has served me well in the past. Easy to use and stable. That chipset, the Z370, any good?
But as to what particular board, I looked at the box. I liked the illustration on the front. And, I mean… ”Maximus” sounds pretty cool.

Yes. Yes, I need your help.

I’m thinking of mounting it straight into my SimBox, without a case… Now, that’s the kind of DIY stuff I’m good at. :wink:

RAM speeds are important but the sweet spot for the Coffeelake chips seems to be 3200 with the lowest latency possible (Early versions of the BIOS defaulted anything over 3000Mhz to run slow)
Like this with excellent timings. Ram is so pricey though

Actually the Maximus X is a really nice board, it was just out of my budget but it has a fantastic rear IO with 6x USB 3 ports 2x USB 3.1 a and c and 2x USB 2 ports that also double as BIOS flash and Keybot, It was the code that was ridiculously priced at over 100£ more.
I hope you will use a standoff to mount your mobo to protect the rear and have some airflow behind it

The Z370 is maturing all the time and BIOS’s released regularly.
If your serious about a watercooling solution then this combo may suit a bespoke build better


See? I thought faster=better.
I do intend to clock it up to 5GHz or so.

Oh yes! In my SimBox, I have this PC box where I keep my PC case. It’s a small m-ATX case that is really cleverly designed despite its size. I got it before I built the box. Now I feel the case is just in the way.

Oooh! Glass and CNC milled aluminium…
Yeah, I’m thinking a single reservoir with integrated pump, a two or three fan cooler and a CPU block. Maybe one should go all the way with chipset and RAM cooling as well, or is that overkill?

A shameless bump, looking for other reflections regarding new pc hardware…

I’m thinking that if you aren’t going for SLI and extreme OCing, then 1KW is probably overkill. I’d rather take a smaller one (750W sounds reasonable) and invest the money in quality (higher tier PSUs have modular cable management, which will help with keeping the interior tidy, plus usually longer life and better support if something does fail). I have used Seasonic for the last 7 years and am quite satisfied.

The times of CPU OCing via modifying the clock frequency are long gone. Nowadays you can OC the CPU by increasing the multiplier, so the RAM stays at the same frequency.

If there’s no airflow because everything is watercooled, that might be something you should look into. Or you could just use a slow running case fan. Usually any amount of airflow will do, unless you are overclocking the RAM as well (which is pretty pointless).

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Good points, @sobek!

I have just picked up the evga 750w gold semi modular one … So far seems like a good PSU and evga is always good with warrantys … For £86 good deal overall

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I have a one of those too. It is a nice quiet good quality piece of kit but the actual modular connections are a let down. The Enermax used braided modular cables but the plastic coated cables that ship with the EVGA one are a bit Meh IMO

Thanks for the input, guys!

Here’s what I have ordered.

CPU: Intel i7 8700K
Mobo: ASUS ROG Maximus X Hero (WiFi AC)
RAM: G.Skill TridentZ 3200MHz DDR4 4x8Gb
SSD: Samsung 960 Pro M.2 1024 Gb
PS: Corsair RM850X V2

And I will of course use my recently acquired ASUS ROG GTX 1080TI Poseidon with it.

For cooling I went with this kit.

Pleas tell me if I botched something up here. I have 30 day return policy :slight_smile:

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I have the exact same processor, mobo, and memory configuration and FYI, could not get X-Plane to run with OC at 4.8-5.0. Dropped it down to 4.5 and all is well. YMMV.

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Good to know! I’ll be back to compare notes…
OC’ing is somewhat of a hit and miss endeavour.
Did you do anyhing other that increasing the multiplier?

There is a 5Ghx preset in the BIOS and a software package included with the mobo that will determine the best overclock, it normally has the voltage too high though but once you see what can be achieved with software you can do the same manually with lower voltages. Also you can overclock individual cores and have half running at 5.0 and half running slightly less. you can offset the AVX instruction for a more stable build
NB I run Xplane in VR @5.2Ghz without issues so there may be other variables at play @chipwich

PS Nice watercooling option :smiley:

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Phew! Cib got me off the hook. Not taking the time to open the manual other than to verify interfaces locations and a jumper or two, I just let the oc wizard do its thing and backed it down when I ran out of airspeed, altitude, and ideas as to why XP11 wouldn’t load. Whenever I attempted to set things manually, Windows 10 gave me the infinitely helpful “Something went wrong” message on boot. Obviously, I need to do some reading and try it again. But everything is so stable and humming along so well right now, I should probably leave it alone.


The difference between my 8600K and your 8700K is the hyperthreading, another variable in the search for perfection. My advice to folks who ask over on the ED forums is not to be too hung up chasing numbers but smooth gameplay and optimal settings. DCS is the game I fuss over most with the view that if that runs well everything else should too. TBH I don’t see much difference running 5.2 and 4.9 and 4.9 should be achievable easily with any coffeelake chip :slight_smile:

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This may be of use to you both, just to give a basic understanding of what does what


Yeah… I got most of it. Must be very basic! :wink:
Seriously, great vid!

Since I only do VR these days, I’m looking for the smallest monitor I can find.
I need to be able to access the BIOS and Windows. Would a 2nd monitor type like this work as a single monitor? It gets power and signal through USB C 3.1…