Thrustmaster event in New York City

Thrustmaster recently reached out to the Mudspike staff to see if we could attend their 25th anniversary celebration on the USS Intrepid in New York City on May 4th.

Unfortunately, none of us are able to make it, but the event will open to the public at 9pm so any Mudspikers in the NYC area can feel free to drop by.

Here’s the invite - remember that the event is closed to the public before 9pm.


woah it’s very cool of them that they reached out to you guys for the press event! I’m curious what they’re going to show. I’m hoping for a modular stick or something. Or something with FFB.

As for new products, there won’t be much in the way of announcements –
mostly just an overview of their flight stick lineup as part of their 25th anniversary.

oh okay. Thanks for the answer. The invitation reads “Our unique and exciting flight sim product lineup including our new squadron of joysticks that are ready for take off!”

So I thought it was going to be about new products.

That was my impression, too! When I followed up with “hey, what’s new?” I got the response you saw above. shrug Should still be a great time. Get to hob-knob with the Thrustmaster guys, bend their ear on why the world needs more FFB controllers, etc.


The Intrepid is a great visit too - love that place. Not within walking distance of Vancouver either (incoming Forest Gump gif from @BeachAV8R :slight_smile: )


I was hoping it would be about new products as well. Like a hornet stick and throttle.


Oh man, I so want that - am actually waiting for the ‘post Warthog’ era with money in hand. Would drink it up.


I think it would be a smart move on their part to produce it. I’m still holding onto some hope that they’ll announce it. I mean, it does say “new squadron of joysticks” and it’s aboard a carrier. Guess we’ll see.

Too bad it’s not on the Midway, I could probably make it out there if it was.

Yep - I love those places, and without causing proud ex Carrier docents to come up here and kick my butt (I don’t care how old they are, they could for sure), but in order of ‘Best Retired Carrier Museum Days Out’ order of excellence:

  1. Midway
  2. Intrepid
  3. Hornet

I’ve always wanted to tour the Yorktown, which I think is in SC too?

I actually prefer the Lexington over the Midway but a large part of that is just how I like to enjoy museums like that.

I just like walking around looking at and reading what I want to, which works a little better on the Lex compared to the Midway since the Midway is definitely geared more towards the audio tour.

Haven’t been to either the Hornet or Intrepid yet. I guess the Hornet gives me another reason to visit San Francisco sometime.

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Ah! The Ghost - yep, I really want to go there one day. The Midway was great the last couple of times I went as I had a good tour with a couple of the guys that used to serve on it. Made the world of difference to hear their stories.

Going to have to wait until after this before I decide if I want to get a VR system or a new controller.

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Mt. Pleasant, just across the Harbor from downtown Charleston. Also have the Clamagore (SS-343) and Laffey (DD-724). However, if you want to see a GUPPY III-type Balao, you should hurry; Clagamore is in bad shape, and the Navy is seriously considering taking her back from the museum and using get as an artificial reef.

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Really? That sucks :frowning2:

I actually got an invite too, apparently as a Warthog owner. I must have registered my WH when I reached out to tech support (missing ab detente, oddly enough). Kinda stupid to invite wh owners to remind them they still sell the same ( or lesser) product than they own.

I actually planned on going too! The accepted my rsvp any everything. I live/ work in the Philly area, but my employer has a NY office i can work out of for the day, so I could make it work.

Now im on the fence. If it were a friday or sat, I could make a day of it, but the event starts at 9 ( i can keep myself busy with the musem at least) runs till 11, and thats after a 9 hour work day that started with a 3 hour train ride. Then I’m not home till the early AM hours and still have work Thursday. Heck if they made it a thurs I would just make it a 3 day weekend. But wed is tough.

Idk, decisions, decisions…

Actually, looks like your invitation says 6:30 (mine is 9pm though, my invite looks loke yours except the time difference, and the rsvp confirms 9pm).

Odd that my invite said “limited to first 60 rsvps” though.

Einstein, any chance you could confirm with your contact that we’re discussing the same thing? If you folks had some sort of press invite, vs mine being a consumer thing? Seems like theres a lot of really weird comms going on with this event…

Yes, it’s the same thing.

The 6:30pm time is for the media invite. 9pm is when they open the doors to the public.

If you go, be sure to tell us all about it.

And tell Dan I said hi.

Guys, Dan Harnett here on behalf of Thrustmaster. The invite does indeed say 6:30 and that is for media. However, I will be there and anyone who is kind enough to travel, can come in at 6:30 p.m. Just email me that you are attending and I will put you on the 6:30 list. dan [at] highwatergroup [dot] com. Personally as a novice, I enjoy watching pros handle the aircraft so I’d like to see you there.


Welcome to Mudspike, @dharnett! Thanks for the clarification and opening the door to the Mudspike crew. We promise not to do too much damage. :wink:

Their new TFRP rudder pedals (this in their poster) is announced in Amazon and other places, in some at 89.99$:

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