Thrustmaster event in New York City

Is that $90 confirmed? Seems low for something with toe brakes as well? A good deal if that’s the case.

Did this event really happened ?
Can’t find a single news about it, nothing on Google, nothing on TM website, nothing on SimHQ, nothing on ED forums, nothing on AVSIM…
Massive alien abduction or somehting ?

Ah…ahah…hum…It’s today actually.
Sorry about that

About two hours until it kicks off, hoping for some good news!

So apparently Teej and Panther, the solos for the Virtual Thunderbirds, are going to be there.

Some guys from the 476th are attending and will post stuff on their twitter here:

just click all that signup stuff away if you’re a socialmediaphobe like me. You can still read the feed

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Just testing the forum embedding of tweets, which act as nice links :slight_smile:

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— 476th vFighter Group (@476th_vFG) 4 mei 2016

Meh I dont quite understand that yet, @fearlessfrog

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For what it’s worth, that throttle does appear to have the basic layout of the Hornet hotas.

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It doesn’t look quite aimed at our market @boomerang10! Looks like a baby’s first HOTAS to me :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Would be cool if this was in the sub $100 range for newcommers to simming.

Apperently you can buy that throttle as a standalone so you can upgrade whatever stick you have into a HOTAS setup. Sounds like a solid idea to me and I would have considered it before I upgraded my logic3 into an x-55 (sorry thrustmaster xD)

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It does look like it’s more of a mid-range throttle and what the 476 guys are tweeting seems to support that.

Still, it could be worth getting if we’re not gonna get a dedicated Hornet hotas. A better TDC and an actual L-wheel for the radar would certainly be welcome. Plus, while I’d prefer the actual F-18 stick, the A-10 stick has more buttons and switches.

That sounds like an idea. Having this throttle next to the warthog stick. Ofcourse it’s not a dual throttle but better suited for flying the hornet than the current warthog throttle might be.

It looks like this was all they had to show. I guess they where being honest when they told @EinsteinEP that there would not be much to see in terms of new products.

Doh! I missed that it’s a single throttle.

Looks like it is aimed at the middle market … which is probably a good thing in the end. Cheap, quality items will get the Elite Dangerous crowd into the flight sim hardware market … which grows that market. That can spill over into the flight sim software market by lowering one of the barriers of entry … the cost of good controllers. If Saitek gets the upper middle, and Thrustmaster retains the high end but grows into the middle/lower-middle market, I think it will benefit our hobby.

Couple of important points I noticed.

  1. Mention of a 10 year hardware cycle for the Warthog. I think it was mentioned from the same perspective of the PlayStation and XBox hardware cycles in that the company plans on the part being usable, useful and marketable for a 10 year life span.
  2. This picture posted from a link on the hoggit reddit. Note the spot in the 2020/time frame (assuming Trump does not burn the world down):

That’s awesome!! I have The T.16000m and have been looking for standalone (second hand) throttles without success.
This is the thing I’ve been wishing for. Thanks @dharnett and the other guys at Thrustmaster!

PS My birthday is in November, can you make it available in the Netherlands before then? Thanks!

Hi Guys, It was a fun event and I’d like to thank Dojo and Steve for coming by. I learned a TON from Dojo, who had some keen insights into the different levels of users. I’m still new to the flight sim community so his input was very helpful. The Intrepid is an amazing venue and I encourage anyone who swings through NYC to make some time. I have to go back myself.


That would have been a good event to go see, even for the carrier stuff, always wanted a look around an Aircraft Carrier of any vintage.

Always liked Thrustmaster, after I weaned myself off an Amiga 500 having discovered Flight sim that way and then onto a PC back in the DOS 5 days I started off with a very early TM Hotas, it had dip switches to tie in to some popular DOS sims of the time, as new sims came out the unit needed new EPROM chips and I made friends with Buzz Hoffman from Thrustmaster on one of the usenet simulation groups (sadly he’s passed away now) but he’d send them to me in Scotland for free, then TM made a programmable version of the same and I bought that too, then the TM F22pro and TQS I still have and in my line up pic here.

I thought Thrustmaster were taken over by a French company now? Guilmott? Good to see TM back to their grass roots in the US again :slight_smile:

My current wall of shame for HOTAS, it would have been worse but sold my Saitek X-52 about a week before I took this pic.


I’ve got a shelf that’s starting to look an awful lot like that as well!

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