Thrustmaster F-16 HOTAS question

Guess the Pandemic blues got me looking around for hardware. I’m wanting to buy a Thrustmaster F-16 HOTAS and my question is this: can I use the throttle alone? I want to keep my Warthog stick. I like it. Will it be wort it? I am buying this just to fly the viper. Just dont want to have to use the old stick. Advice will be appreciated.

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I think you need this if it has a gameport connector.
There are a couple of guides out of how to change the board to an Arduino or Leobodnar board aswell.

I don’t have one myself, but I believe the throttle is standalone

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The TM Cougar throttle plugs into the stick base. The TUSBA adapter makes it stand alone and USB compatible.
I used the TUSBA with my Cougar TQS but I was not impressed. Maybe it didn’t like the Hall sensor I had replaced the pot with?

Anyway, using a teensy or arduino, or @gadget’s controllerboards, and converting it to USB wouldn’t be hard to do. You will lose the ability to use TARGET to program the switches.

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i took the throttle grip off my old TQS & attached it as the head of my collective controller (at the time)
i used a G-wiz40 usb card to configure the buttons, but didnt connect the pots as i didnt require them.
Im sure someone more clever than me (& theres plenty here that are) could certainly guide you through how to do that.
Im not a coder, havent even looked at arduino, as MMjoy allows me to do everything I have needed to achieve (to this point) but starting to delve into A-10C panels with/for a mate and will need to get into DCS BIOS at some point as well as arduino too for some of the panel back lighting config

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