Thrustmaster F/A-18C Stick Add On

Will be available for pre-order soon. Looks like a solid product, albeit a little on the expensive side: $229 US, 199 Euro funny money.

Jabbers has a great review up here:


For comparison:

Still. It looks like a promising product. I wonder if my extra VKB/TM conversion kit will work… :slight_smile:

With the Warthog stick I have a very reliable control profile. While this would be really nice, I feel I’d end up losing as by mapping the stick correctly with that new grip, I wouldn’t have the correct throttle to match and I don’t think everything would work out as smoothly.

A full HOTAS would be great, but I have no reason to replace my relatively new (compared to other users who have been simming longer) Warthog setup - especially for the price.

A really cool product, just likely not for me!


That extra slider looks like a very good Tomcat DLC sub…

However, the value proposition seems absurd to me. As a luxury item (and it is certainly boxed as such), I can understand it, and even desire it. But I have better things to drop 200 bucks on at this time.

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It is, admittedly, expensive and limited to those who already have a TM Cougar or TM Warthog. I am sure that they have run the numbers and feel that early adopters will likely be willing to hit this price point. If they don’t, then in a few months they can start lowering it. Looks like a great piece of kit, though.

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What about offering it with the Hog base?
(Or perhaps they secretly have a new base under development with extensions and spring adjustments we can all hope for.)

Is the TM Hog throttle available separately now? Last I saw the stick was, but the throttle was only in the kit.

It’s good that the other bases are using TM’s connection, so it’s interchangeable. I am just pondering as they have to want to catch more people into their brand, hence products like the TPR.

Yes, it is available separately for some time now.

The collector in me says get it. My common sense says NO. I am changing my attitude towards DCS. The 190A Mark’s the first time I dont buy a DCS module I really want. I might feel the same towards this. I have 2 TM WT Throttles and 3 sticks


Maico, had something typed up about this but hesitated to hit the send button, actually I did, but deleted my comments … decided I needed more time to mull over this news.

I guess any new hardware for our hobby is a good thing and as an enthusiast like you will probably buy this grip … its looking silly money though for just a grip, and I’m not really that big a Hornet DCS enthusiast, have the module sure, but like many modules from DCS I buy them and put them on the virtual shelf and hope they will one day become mature and fully functioning … then and only then can I get my teeth into learning them properly … chasing gauges as they say in flying, an impossible dream I know, this is my DCS world Strategy, don’t always adhere to it, but its my wanted discipline.

Like you Maico, have a fair bit of flight sim enthusiast controller hardware here, pretty much tried it all, have it refined to my way of usage, for ergonomics especially with a TM warthog grip, Virpil base and some extensions. TM warthog Throttle with slew mod … seriously contemplated the Virpil throttle, but the TM warthog throttle does it for me … rounded off with the new TPM pendulum pedals, had my doubts about those when I first got them, but they have grown on me now … seriously thinking of selling my MFG V 2 Crosswind pedals now … I know all these controllers blind folded, can reach left to my throttle with eyes closed, can touch all the programed TM warthog grip eyes closed and of course that means not eyes closed but with a VR set like my Oculus Rift … I know where everything is by touch.

So I find myself asking, why would I buy this? and only answer I can find is, its not a need but a want, its a new high quality (I hope) trick toy to play with … but with it plugged in and with different layout and feel ETC, its gonna throw me ergonomically wise … I’d be much wiser spending the $200 or whatever rip off pound to dollar conversion on a new SSD to replace one of my aging HD’s in one of my PC’s … that’s what I should do … Heh, I’ll probably still go buy the damn thing anyway and learn its feel … I’m an enthusiast for this stuff after all :slight_smile:

I know too the new Hornet grip has a fictional switch that is a push switch too amongst the hats, but it still seems to me its not on parity switch button press wise with the TM warthog grip? not sure on that, but also, its a VERY different layout needing learning too … real Jet pilots need to do this sure when changing types, but me, you, most of us simmers, we don’t do this for a living, we don’t spend hundreds of hours flying one jet type … its a big layout change switch to make, especially for those of us on VR.

Fair play to those building replica Hornet cockpits, or those buying a good HOTAS from scratch … but I do feel this is going to be one very niche product, especially so at the projected price point I’m reading and poor sales may kill off future investment into something more worthwhile from TM … whatever that might hypothetically be? :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll still end up buying the damn thing though!


Right there with you… only, I’ll try to hold off for 2nd gen. like I do most of the time, unless B&H drops a good sale on it for Christmas.

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One of the few day-one hardware purchases for me.

Hornet has always been among my favorite aircraft, and frankly the grips are the best part of thurstmaster hardware these days.

Gonna be an expensive year though; going to ‘need’ to get this, and going to get the new Virpil base. Plan is to use my Warbrd base with unextended warthog stick for the Viper, since it’s undamped and only has springs for resistance, it get’s a bit “boingy boingy” with the combo of 6” ext and heavy TM stick up top. Figure damped centered base with the Hornet, and side stick with warthog is a winning combo.

sigh also need to investigate the new offerings from honeycomb.

A tragedy of riches for sim hardware as of late, now I just need the riches!

Also not sure if this was linked yet, but TM has a press release up on their site:Пресса/fa-18c-hornet-hotas-add-grip-thrustmaster-locks-availability-date

Update: Link on Amazon US site:


One thing I thought I’d add is that the F/A-18C stick might be more comfortable for some people than the A-10C/F-16 grip. Even though I like the CH Fighterstick, I’m not fond of the grip as it’s rather tall for my hands, and it’s a F-16 based grip.


Removed the link, as @Navynuke99 linked it in one of the other threads.

TM Hornet stick grip?


Not listed at as yet but you can bet that even after currency conversion will be a supreme rip off.


Some fair points all around, but, to get “meta” (as the young kids say) about this: it’s all “want” when you get down to it. It’s just how much want does one choose to entertain, and where does the point of diminishing returns kick in. For lots of people I suspect the curve does apex well before this though, and for good reason, as $200 buys you some nice stuff in the PC gaming world.

On the other hand, at this point we have more aircraft in DCS that use this style of stick than the F-16/A-10C style. The Hornet, Harrier, and Eagle(ish) yield an authentic experience, and on top of that we have Mud Hen on the horizon. Personally, I think the Hornet stick looks closer to the mark for the Tomcat as well.

I’d also argue that the hornet grip will age better than that SSD (or any PC component upgrade), as ‘next years model’ won’t be faster or cheaper. To wit, the TM press image shows the stick on a cougar base. It’s pretty impressive that the purchase of a Cougar all those years ago would still be relevant in the year 2019. I doubt any component inside a PC tower from 2002 can boast as much :slight_smile:

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…all I want is a good ff stick.


Well, I caved in an d bought the 190. Surely I will have this F 18 grip too.

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Something I’m scratching my head at; as per the TM press release:

19 action buttons, including a realistic 2-step trigger and one 8-direction “Point of View” hat switch. The same number of inputs as the HOTAS Warthog control stick.

Not sure how that ties out;

I count 27 inputs on the Warthog stick:
-two 4-way hats up top
-one 8-way trim hat,
-pickel button
-shoulder button
-two buttons for the two-stage trigger
-pinky switch
-paddle switch
-4 way CM switch with depression.

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So from what I can tell, it looses 1 4-way hat switch and the ‘index finger’ button (shoulder) on the right side (5 button actions total) but gains a button press on the 4-way hat (down), a 2-way ‘rocker’ switch with button depress and that little button under the trim hat (5 button actions total).

I may be missing something.

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Well said. I feel that way too.
I had a chance to try the stick out at FSExpo over the weekend. My initial impression is that the stick has a feel that is just slightly less in quality than the Warthog stick. It feels like they just nipped a bit off here and there to cut cost or something. Just a slight nip – I’m not say it’s bad. In particular, I was not impressed with the trigger (it think it was plastic), the paddle switch mechanism didn’t feel quite as good, and the 4-way(with press) thumb switch didn’t feel great. Again, it’s just my opinion from a few minutes of flight. I was not “wowed”. Had I been, I may have been more keen to add to my controller collection (two warthogs, a cougar with NXT2 mod, FSS 3, PFC Jetliner yoke).
Maybe I’ll pick it up in the future, but for now the benefit/cost ratio is too low for me. If I didn’t already have a warthog, and I was choosing between the two AND I knew the quality of the two, I’d be inclined to go with the warthog.