Thrustmaster F/A-18C Stick Add On

Here we go, review

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Wow, 3 pages of review and not one mention of the elephant in the room: the price.


Pre-orderd. I realize that as much as I “want” it, living with 4 women dictates that I “need” it as much as any man.



I’m a little bit torn. I would certainly like the Hornet grip, but I’m thinking the VirPil MongoosT-50 CM2 might be the better option for me. The main thing I like about it is the hand brake, which is useful for the Russian aircraft and the Spitfire.

I’m also likely to be buying the Honeycomb yoke and throttle because I seem to be sinking a lot of time and money into X-Plane these days. That would probably be the best investment for me, all things considered. We will see though. :wink:


Oh, I just looked that up, and now I’m wondering about compatibility of that throttle with IL-2 as well.

The Great thing about this Grip is it will serve three modules…
They all use this grip…not sure about the earlier Sea Harriers that RAZBAM have said are planned?

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Nope, the Sea Harriers use a completely different stick:


Thank You

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“Man, I regret buying too much sim hardware” ~No one. Ever.

Do the right thing, buy them all, and report back on your findings.

Its for science.


Just got mine delivered from Amazon…Very Excited!!!


An update:


Yeah that’s one of my only two reservations about it. Since I have both the Hornet and Harrier I’m really tempted to get it, but it’s nearly 60% the cost of an entire Warthog HOTAS for the single stick, sans base.

I’m also curious if it has any additional functionality over the Warthog stick, or if it’s simply a shape/ergonomics difference.

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@Clutch this is suposedly from TM press release :


The HOTAS philosophy works best when your controller layout matches the actual HOTAS layout. It makes it much easier to learn when you don’t have an additional layer of what-button-is-what-on-the-actual-HOTAS to think about.

I’m not keen on having to transfer the Viper throttle functions to the TMHW throttle, but I’m even less keen on shelling out for an F-16 replica.

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Unless you have previous muscle memory from having used a certain stick/layout prior, a HOTAS program that fits your physical HOTAS the closest you can get to the real thing (with some personal additions or changes) shouldn’t really make a difference.

Who cares about ergonomics, functionality, and compatibility? I bought it because it’s…


The package is smaller, but heavier than I expected.


I bet you are configuring it right now aren’t you? :slightly_smiling_face: I have mine arriving a day earlier than expected. Supposed to be delivered on Sunday now. Can’t wait.