Thrustmaster F/A-18C Stick Add On

Unfortunately, this will be a slow reveal because we are packing for a move and the little Col. is very aware of my focus. Still, a few more photos I think are appropriate.


sneaks back to gaming rig

Quick observations just looking at the W10 USB controller applet…

  • The lever, which I use often for shift, is much shorter and a reach for my XL meat hooks. Pilots with weak pinkies should plan in a strengthening program for their smallest digits.
  • On the other hand, button 3 is not behind it, so that opens up the possibility of using shift+3 as a replacement for lever functions, something that I’ve wanted to do for a while.
  • It appears to W10 as a Warthog stick, so I won’t have to change much programming. What am I saying? I should probably rebuild from scratch.
  • The ergos feel very comfortable and should work for anyone using flight gloves. @Troll?
  • The packaging and build quality are worthy of the cost. This thing feels like it was lifted from a Marine Hornet and given an overhaul.

I plan to upgrade my base next, so happy with the purchase so far.


Well, the original was designed with this in mind, so… :slight_smile:
That what looks like a thumbwheel, is that an axis, or a two button encoder?

How much does it weigh, compared to the WH?


Spring loaded up/down with return to center and a press down button. No right/left. So 3-way. My scales are packed, but the weight feels similar to the WH stick.


Sorry for the delay getting back to you…I really Like it :slight_smile: Very solid,Well made…It is quite a departure from the Warthog Grip in thickness and feel.I have medium size hands and I can reach all the buttons with little to no effort …I think a child or someone with smaller hands might struggle to reach everything? I have only done a few short Carrier touch-n-go’s but it’s very responsive to pitch inputs[maybe because of the added weight/bulkyness??] All the buttons have a nice feel and response when clicked…

I know it’s a bit pricey but I’m a huge fan of The Hornet and Harrier[and probably will purchase The RAZBAM F-15E when released] so for me I feel it’s worth the price.


The stick contains most of the Chips and Firmware.

The Base is just the Axes and Bootloader.

We have an USB F-16 Stick already … sorta

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If you’re talking about the Warthog and Cougar stick grips, they have shift registers for the switches. Everything else is in the base.

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Flew the Hornet for 1.5 hours last night, mostly carrier pattern work and tweaking my controller assignments. I’ve been away from jets for a while, flying mostly WW2 and WW1 stuff for the simplicity, while waiting for the Hornet/Tomcat systems to get fully fleshed out. I had forgotten just how amazing the DCS Hornet experience is.

After months of hitting E for startup, it was thoroughly refreshing to bring the Charlie to life. The deep moan of the engines after you’ve introduced fuel, followed by the various beeps, bitching Betty calls, and illuminating lights is satisfying to behold. After startup, I found myself just sitting in the cockpit for long while looking around soaking up the aural and visual ambience.

Now, imagine sliding your right hand around a smoothly, dare I say sexy, metal grip, whose efficient contour becomes instantly comfortable. It not only feels right but exactly matches what you see on the screen.

In my case my stick is properly mounted between my legs, angled left so the wrist does not need to rotate a degree as fingers assume a natural grasp of the primary flight and weapons control. I vision a gunfighter from the old west sliding his hand over his Colt, or a Major League Baseball pitcher holding the ball in his glove as he stands on the rubber taking signals from the catcher.

So yeah, it’s visceral, cool, and efficient when mounted between your legs. I probably wouldn’t have the same impression if it were desk mounted. I’d probably miss the platform of the WH stick and less appreciate the contour. Something to consider.

Since using it for a while, the shortish “paddle” has become less of an issue. Interestingly I now use my ring finger for button 3 and pinkie for the paddle/lever. That feels more natural. The points on the SCS make it easy to manipulate at any hand position. On the negative, I’ve yet to find an easy way to move the WSS left, since there is not much room between it and the stick. I’m expecting that will come with time, especially after a little break-in.


That’s why i talked about throttles :wink:

Well mine arrived yesterday and I just got done configuring it for the aircraft I will use it for in DCS. Will probably try it out flying later tonight.


You are all making me have second thoughts about my decision to go with the VirPil grip. It should be here Wednesday with any luck.


RedBravo65, you have impeccable taste in art. Hanging in my office at work.


LOL! What a small world.

Just did a quick jaunt with the stick. Really is different feel from my Warthog stick. Love the sensor select buttons. Going to use both this new one and the old Warthog. Probably use the new F-18 stick with the Hornet of course, F-14B and the Harrier. The rest I’ll probably keep using the Warthog.


So that means there’s a correlation between art and joystick grips…

Joystick grips is art!

Proven in a scientific study at Mudspike!

Now, does that make us Rocket Scientists…? :thinking:

I think so…


In your case you’re more like a Rocket Surgeon:laughing:


Will you be here all week?? :slight_smile:

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Just until they kick me out…

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lol :slight_smile:

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