Thrustmaster Rudder Pedals

From their Facebook:

“PRODUCT REVEAL: Introducing the Thrustmaster TPR Rudder System, the world’s first mass-market pendular flight rudders. Over 15 pounds of steel, aluminum, and awesomeness.
Watch for more info at #E32018 and beyond as we unveil our entire #SummerOfFlight line-up.”

Ish just got real with my bank account.


And more info from their website:

I’ve been looking for a replacement for my CH Pedals for some time now. These may work for me. Waiting for the E3 reveals…



Those pedals look very high off the floor. Going to be pretty hard to heel/toe those bad boys…

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I’m pretty satisfied with my MFGs. I’m not ruling it out, but I’m waiting for the reviews :smile:

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Interesting. Looks quite compact, so might be an option to replace my aging Simped F16 (I feel they sooner or later are going to fall apart). All the other high-end Boutique pedals are too wide to fit under the monitor-stand of my Obutto.

“entire #SummerOfFlight line-up” also still lets me hope for a Hornet throttle.


Same problem I’ve been running into, and part of why I’m also hopeful.

Maybe you can review it for yourself:

"Check out Thrustmaster’s entire line of exciting products at booth #2811 in South Hall during E3. Flight fans unable to catch Thrustmaster at E3 can experience their products at the following events:

• FlightSimExpo – June 9 & 10, Las Vegas, NV
• FlightSimCon 2018, June 23 & 24, Dallas, TX"


Glad to see more pedals coming to the market, although I’m so happy with my MFG’s that I don’t see myself switching anytime soon.

It looks like the flight sim scene is benefiting from the (presumably larger) space game market that also requires similar peripherals.

Glad to see they are thinking out of the box here.
Pendulum pedals…
Dampers? Cams? We’ll see.

Typical, I’m on an overseas trip when the Dallas event takes place. I would have probably driven up for that.

According to chillywillies’ Twitch stream, covering FSExpo 2018, TM was a no show (word was they would attend). The streamer stated that their pedals will cost $400 and there’s no word on the Hornet stick. Don’t know the reliability or validity of this information but $400 is a bit much for me. I guess we have to wait for E3 to find out the deal.

Info begins around the 5 min. mark.

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Well, I’m sorry for TM, but as soon I can accrue 300$ the MFG Crosswinds are mine. Not going to put 100 more for that- not even if they would make coffe.


As a crosswind owner myself (the 4th set he ever built :slight_smile:) , I’d want to see more of the TMs before considering if the supposed $400 puts them in league with the cross winds. I think the angle of those pedals might be more comfortable, and make braking easier, and they do look more in place in a sim rig focused on modern jets.

Also, being (presumably) able to be integrated with Target likely makes them attractive to folks playing older sims, where the ability to present Hotas and Pedals as one controller is a make-or-brake issue.

Being made by TM, you’ll also be able to buy these from say, Amazon, which allows for returns and warranties.

As far as cost, I’m betting MSRP is ~$400, but retail will likely be close to $350 or so.

As a Crosswinds owner myself, I won’t be looking to move to the new TM pedals (the Crosswinds are great and I am very satisfied with my purchase. If I was looking to upgrade from a cheaper set of pedals though, I would certainly have to consider the new TM’s.

So, after viewing Jabbers’ video on the new TM stuff, I may consider getting set of the pedals (definitely, not before the Hornet grip). He sold me after mentioning he has a set of Crosswinds and feels that the TPD are well designed.

Sometimes, I think I’m an easy sell. :grin: Seriously tho, at $500, I will have to do some serious thinking.



I wonder how these will stack up against the Slaw RX Vipers with damper?

Those ran me $693 (incl. shipping to the US) + $35 for a damper…so even after tax, if shipping is fair there is a chance these TRP’s could be $175-200 cheaper than a set of the Slaws for US customers.

I doubt they can, quite frankly.
But maybe the pendulum design has a damping effect of sorts…? Or…it might be possible to mount a damper on it. It looks sturdy enough, unless it’s all plastic inside.

Trying to remember the source but I think total width is 16 inches or something. That makes it about an inch too wide for my Obutto Ozone pit. I am disappointed.

People looking to replace their CH pedals in an Ozone could look to the cheaper version TM pedals. They fit with room to spare and have almost no detent in the middle. This was my big complaint with the CH ones and the barely noticeable middle in the TM ones made taxiing so much less, um, meandering.

I took the heel caps off so it’s more like these new TMs and it’s very nice.