Thrustmaster Rudder Pedals


I wonder how these will stack up against the Slaw RX Vipers with damper?

Those ran me $693 (incl. shipping to the US) + $35 for a damper…so even after tax, if shipping is fair there is a chance these TRP’s could be $175-200 cheaper than a set of the Slaws for US customers.


I doubt they can, quite frankly.
But maybe the pendulum design has a damping effect of sorts…? Or…it might be possible to mount a damper on it. It looks sturdy enough, unless it’s all plastic inside.


Trying to remember the source but I think total width is 16 inches or something. That makes it about an inch too wide for my Obutto Ozone pit. I am disappointed.

People looking to replace their CH pedals in an Ozone could look to the cheaper version TM pedals. They fit with room to spare and have almost no detent in the middle. This was my big complaint with the CH ones and the barely noticeable middle in the TM ones made taxiing so much less, um, meandering.

I took the heel caps off so it’s more like these new TMs and it’s very nice.


Saw them today on UK amazon for £400
… So I bought it. First time I have seen it under 450. I will possibly give a review of them later on this week if anyone is interested?


Lack of interest in flightsim peripherals will get your Mudspike membership revoked. :wink:




Open it! :pray:

Do you want me to beg? :wink:





Is that unpacking video?? Its not moving :wink:


I’m glad someone has finally bought them, really considered these and other options too.

Slaw pedals would have been my first choice. TM Pedals my next … actually held back my budgeted cash ages for the TM pedals, but it was never happening and first release on Amazon UK was uber expensive and gone in days.

I had a contingency plan though … on Ebay I had made an alert for the MFG Crosswinds … and by pure luck one … two actually were available, one was from a UK Pilot in training who had ordered them and i lucked out and got them from him as brand new unopened in the box and never used … his training or lack of finished before they arrived … I made a best offer and got them.

All i can say is, and with owning two Saitak rudder pedals (combat and earliest version) just now I’ve modded centre detent wise for both, they do not come close to precise rudder control precision out of the box like the MFG Crosswinds do.

Delighted with how my MFG Crosswinds are performing and i can now really see what the fuss was all about.


Looking forward to seeing how the TPR pedals perform too though of course.


So, @Maclean
The TPR’s are arriving in webshops over here.
I’m tempted.
Could you give us some impressions?


The Thrustmaster TPRs are an absolute Mystery, nobody wants to talk about them, or the forthcoming TM F-18 stick.

One unbiased review is not so good, a flawed concept perhaps?

Honestly I am pretty hard core for FS equipment, almost bought these pedals, did see one review of the bad pendulum hinge mechanism at back of these pedals that might show wear and tear and that was a stopper for me … areas for wear and tear in rudder pedals are not good, also, what you need with pedals are constant smooth action … smooth being the operative word, the pendulum clashing behind these pedals sort of main brick is apparently their weak point and wear out point and can ruin pedal smooth action and feel over time.

Not for me.

Just checked, 4 are still for sale on UK Amazon …

But i would not recommend them just now.

Gut feeling and more.


So, Santa wasn’t quite finished with me just yet…
This package arrived today.

The Lithium content warning label had me worried.
Batteries in rudder pedals…? Did they send the wrong item?

Luckily, the package did in fact contain a TPR box!

Now, maybe I should open it to see if there’s a set of pedals in there, as well?


There was!

Now… Will they fit the SimBox NG…? :thinking:


They do…




Bummer. Hope that you saved the shipping materials. What type of sensors does TM us for the toe brakes?