Thrustmaster Rudder Pedals


Yeah, I kept the packing material.
They use some sort of magnetic sensor for the brake. Hopefully they will agree to send just a new sensor…


Thats not nice! But an example that not only smal manufacturers (VPC, VKB, …) can send out faulty unit.


Very true!
I’ve read about other TPR users having problems with the sensors.
I have never had any issues with TM support before. Let’s see how they deal with this.


Nice one Troll, have just ordered a set myself too … £446.33 tho, damn, already have a set of Crosswinds V2 … to offset my TM pedal purchase will need to sell off my second Saitek pedals on Ebay.

I like TM, pretty much owned all they did from pedals to HOTAS stuff, used to stay in touch with Buzz Hoffman from the company.

I wonder what happened to the FA/18 stick tho?


I’d be curious on your take between the Crosswinds and the TM’s if you would care to share. I like both, but with the Crosswinds being about $200 cheaper than the TM’s here in the states, I’m inclined to go Crosswinds when the funds present themselves.


So, Thrustmaster support got back to me in 24h. But it was of course the usual recepie of installing latest drivers, firmware and calibration utility. Test without USB hub or extension and with different ports.
Which, of course, I already did.

Waiting for their next move…


Did you try turning them off and on again?




Troll … I hope you get the issue sorted, sounds like you were unlucky there and got a defective unit :slight_smile:

Kinger, Yeah will compare my thoughts on the TM rudder pedals v Crosswinds once they arrive, am fortunate enough to have two good sim rigs and I’ll be keeping the Crosswinds for sure, best rudder pedals I’ve owned so far.

I’m not knocking Saitek pedals, but compared to the Crosswinds … its no comparison, and I really did the best modifications I’m aware of for them … you wouldn’t think good quality rudder pedals can make a difference in Flight sim … trust me, they do … looking fwd to my new TM pedals and hope Troll gets his ones sorted soon.


For overall sim enjoyment, what would you prioritize:

A) replacing the warthog stick base for a VIRPIL unit.
B) replacing plastic fantastic saitek pedals for glorious units of MFG design.

Not that I even remotely have the funds available to do either, but inquiring minds want to know :wink:


I guess you need a Virpil man to comment but as a stock TMWH and Crosswind man, I’d say you won’t regret getting Crosswinds - I’m sure Virpil base is great but diminishing returns come to mind whereas saitek -> Crosswinds is night and day territory.


I have the Thrustmast Rudder Pedals. I have Zero Problem, there very sensitive able to crosswind landing No issues…

There a great technology


Crosswind pedals win by default, as you can actually put money down on a set right now, and -as of this writing- have them ship by the 28th of Jan.

Virpil asks you to sign up for a newsletter that tells you and the other (apparently) millions of internet users they made more. Then they’ll only take your money if you can load their page within the 2 milliseconds both units they made last as in stock.

They do this because it’s apparently illegal for Russian manufacturers to take any form of currency for a ‘pre-order’ of a product. A fact I’ve gleaned solely by observing the business practices of Virpil and VKB.

Sorry, If it’s not obvious, I’m a bit salty here. Still, in all seriousness, Milan over at MFG has his ducks in a row with the ordering process, while the gimble guys don’t. Doesn’t mean Virpil makes a bad product, but you can’t win a fight you don’t show up to :slight_smile:


Aggressor … I do love my MFG Crosswinds, they are a MK II version, even see a serial number on mine and its S/N 5496 … and if that’s how many units have been manufactured for the enthusiast market … its pretty good going!

I can easily say these are the best smoothest rudder pedals I’ve ever used … still waiting for my new TM rudder pedals to arrive … I’m a bit of a major geek for FS Sim hardware controllers, so no surprise I buckled down and bought these new TM pedals … I dont think mine will arrive until Monday, they are being shipped from Germany to the UK … but I must admit I’m looking fwd to trying them out and hope they are keepers … we’ll see :slight_smile:


I am use the new Thrustmaster TPR. These are smooth and like regular Flight Pedals. Easy to use the TPR calibration tool. Works with Helicopter and aircraft. I have not found and Sim Software it won’t work with. I would but it up with with of the top of the line ones. I have found No plastic parts.

any Question or picture let me know



Yet, I have never had any problem ordering from either VPC or VKB.
The last grip I bought from VPC was out of stock. I signed up for the stock notification and received an email the next week, went back to the webshop and ordered.


I have :wink:
Look at the links at the back.


S/N 4380

secret handshake


Well, Thrustmaster has concluded on my support request. I have to return the pedals, which is a bummer. I was hoping that they’ll just send me a new sensor, as changing them is just a matter of opening the controller box and unplug a contact. The sensor assembly itself is designed so it’s easy to swap positions, so removing that is a breeze.
Good thing I still have my trusty ol’ BRDs. :slight_smile:


Don’t need to tell me twice! shameless self plug warning I wrote the review of them for SimHQ :slight_smile:

SN 003 resides in my simpit :wink: