TM Warthog replacement PCB's

Hi guys n gals :slight_smile:

Can someone plz point me in the right direction regarding where to find replacement main PCB boards for both the TM Warthog Stick and Throttle?

The dude in Canada seems to have run out of stock.

I’ve tried the TM site, but can’t seem to find where you can order new PCB’s from.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Sycho out…

They probably don’t advertise parts on the TM website but you could contact them via the support page and see if they are willing to supply you with spare parts.

Thx m8 :+1:

Nup… no joy there.
They won’t answer my email/s (over a month already)
Seems like they don’t want to come to the party when it comes down to repairs.
I’m amazed.
These things cost close to AUD$900 new - and that’s without rudder pedals (and they don’t have twist-stick rudder on the Stick, so you’re screwed there too without pedals).
What really narks me is that most of the problems on these devices come from voltage spikes on the USB - so I have read.
Surely something in that price-range should be rock-solid and could easily implement a voltage/current regulator in the pre-stage that should shunt over-voltage/over-current to ground. I mean… even el-cheapo Chinese stuff can do that these days. It’s not rocket science.
Don’t get me wrong - TM stuff is loved by many.
But…would I buy a brand-new Warthog for the uber dollars - knowing that if it fails, I’m going to have to go through hoops to get it fixed?
Not likely.
PS - I’m not looking for warranty repair. Mine is pre-loved. I’m willing to pay a reasonable price for the replacement boards - but they seem to be as rare as Rocking Horse poo…

So what’s your issue exactly with the PCB? It’s unfortunate that they do not wish to supply you with parts!

The issue with both the Stick and the Throttle is that they are both stone-cold dead.
Nothing fires up when I plug them in - no lights on the Throttle.
And neither is recognised as a USB device in Win 10 - which usually says things like "USB device failed " etc…
So I think both controller boards are fried …

Have you opened them up yet to see if anything looks fried? Perhaps it’s the cable that is buggered? What sort of trouble shooting have you done?

People seems to offer up repair services for the warthog over ebay:

Perhaps another venue to explore?

I’ve opened both, and they look fine to the eye.
Nothing scorched, burnt, or blown off the circuit boards etc.
And yes, I’ve contacted the guy in Canada - just not sure I want to send my boards overseas with all the problems Covid-19 is causing to the mail system.