TM WARTHOG slew control upgrade

Now all my HOTAS need are an extension and a grease job. Too bad the grease the internet reccomends (nyogel 767a) is not available in these parts (:netherlands:).

Can I get it here and send it to you?

dunno, anybody selling nyogel over there? I’d only need the small tube (10g).

100g is £26 + vat…maybe split it between 4 of us :joy:

yeah and postage & packing. Dunno. I mailed a local lubricant retailer (lubist?) with the spec sheet for that stuff asking for an alternative, but I received zip for answer so far. My stick sticks, so for doing finer stuff such as refuelling and landing it would be a great boon.

It’s ancient, I bought it 2nd hand and I’ve used it a lot myself, so its allowed to have some so called “sticktion”.


To you have any friend who has a car workshop?
Like, a mechanic?
They all have, usually, some great ceramic grease.
Worth a try…

I use white lithium grease. Also fine sandpaper in 400, 800 & 1000 grit to smooth off the mold parting lines.

Congrats on your slew control buy. It is a great mod!

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Just curious, why do you need special grease? Not for this slew mod, surely?

No, not for this slew mod.
The grease is for the ball in the stick and the slides in the throttle.

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Not for this mod.

The grease is used if you decide to take apart the joystick to get rid of some of the “stickiness” of the unit in stock form.

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Ah the TM stick base itself?

Got confused there thinking the slew mod needed it somehow :slight_smile:

Correct sir!

I can attest that it works really good. I regrease every 6 to 8 months. Also remember to move the stick around before you fly. My room is cold so I need to do that. Loosens up the grease.

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I just received and installed my DeltaSim slew replacement. It went just swimmingly, every step according to the manual, everything fit and worked right away.

It is awesome. The precision, the feeling of control… The nice tactile click you get when pressing it. Very happy with it.

I flew a hog LGB training with it, and while the original nub worked ok-ish with the hog, this works better. Next up iMavs in the bug. Those were nigh on impossible with the old control, but with this, they can actually be controlled in the scant seconds hornet speeds give you. On the second pass I even managed to get off two shots in one pass! Whoo!

It’s so good and fine, I might start using it for Direct Lift Control in the turkey!

Now all my VR simpit needs is some good silica grease and I am done.


Fwiw I am still hunting this down for you… Its become a small obsession this nyogel 767a…

Ok, I caved in. Ordered today. Hope to have it in time for the VIPER!


You won’t regret it, the difference is night and day.

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So @jnstricko, thank you.
For lurkers in this thread, this is the Achellis Heel (this and the plastic base) of the TM WT HOTAS. For years I refused to use it. Now with some curve tweaking it is barely usable. I trust this mod to be a great upgrade. Cant wait.


For those on the hunt for wathog grease (which is a really fun term to google search!), I used the stuff sold by buddy fox. I also got the ring he sells too. No regrets so far!


Yo, great price too! thanks bro! I’m gon’ get mah hog greased, sanded and ringed! it’s gonna be as good as new, of not better!

@Victork2 I think we have what we need, his P&P costs are quite fair, and it does seem the right stuff. I’ll report back when I have taken receipt of my order. I hope its before we leave on our vacation trip in a week or so.