TM WARTHOG slew control upgrade

Stick back on the base? Figure it out?

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It is easy to pinch the wires coming from the inside of the ball - they need to be in the notch…

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Yeah, I did put the ball in backwards, but corrected immediately. But even with those wires unplugged it doesn’t register. And it did register with the handle unplugged. So I think it isnt those wires.

My suspicion is the circuit board got fried handling it. Or a ground (black) wire died while I was sanding the gimbal parts.

I double checked the groundings. They are firmly connected. No obvious loose or broken wires.

EDIT: Good news! Turns out it did register when I mounted the handle without the extension. Apparently I was wrong! Because the handle needs to make proper connection for the thing to work. And it works!

I should have heeded zen & the art of motorcycle maintenance and simplified the system. I did not. I reassembled including the extension and assumed the thing was borked without eliminating the extension as a point of failure.

Now I can move on and get it right. Phew!


That’s pretty freakin’ frightening, eh! :scream:


brother, you have no idea!

(well obviously you do, but you catch my drift, yeh? )

But all’s well that ends well. That thing is smooth as a babies behind now. I did get the extension mounted right and the thing is good as new. Better.

I almost managed to plug an F-14 into an S-3 tanker first try. The landing and BFM went noticeably smoother than before. Definitely worth the hassle and heartache.


Ugh. I am so not looking forward to doing the same with mine. Reading your initial oh crap moment… really don’t want to go through that.

The Slew Upgrade does not involve the Stick and gimbal. The Slew Upgrade is Throttle only and only requires taking off some screws - no sanding and no grease.

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@schurem You didnt deserve such a scare. I’m happy it’s all good. But as far as taking the stick apart, it’s not so bad. JUST NEED TO UNDERSTAND THE BALL, NOTCH AND WIRE PLACEMENT. My first time I cut the wires like this. It was a sour moment. But if you understand this part everything else is cake. Follow basic principles like dont stip the screws, dont overtighten anything and for heaven sake pay attention when you put the stick to the base.
The mod makes a night to day difference and is well worth it.


To be honest, both do. The slew mod is easy and quickly done. Sanding, greasing and ringing the hog is a tad more work, but the result is equally great.

In the end, I made a dumb rookie mistake, panicked, screamed like a little girl, then fixed my stuff. The only damage is to my ego.

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@schurem, we have been there done that. The taste of victory is sweetest After you’ve tasted defeat.

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Well I’ve done it. Finger slipped off the standard nubbin and messed up my lock. I died.

I quit, found this thread and placed my order. Some time in September I hope.

Not cheap, but the testimony from all these fine individuals above is reassuring.

This slope sure is slippery. Of course now I need an extension. Once I get that, probably a new desk. Etc. etc. etc.


And at every turn Alice asked herself :“I wonder how much deeper the rabbit hole goes…”


No, no, no… Not at all.
Ask anyone here. I can stop upgrading my SimBox anytime I want.
And the constant flightsim controller purchases may seem like they are getting out of hand, but I can assure you that I have total control. Absolute.


As somebody who just had a friend 3D print me one of those push through AB detents for the Warthog, I have no idea what you are talking about :slight_smile:

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While we are talking hardware… dont forget the chair. You know that thing we put our butt on and spend so much time with, my old (2010) Harmon Carden is the live of my life. She’s tough and sturdy. She makes me sit upright and has more adjustment than any office chair has any right to. I took it in the living room this weekend for some laps in Assetto Corsa VR. It made me think about getting a second one. Its money well spent.

Funny you mention that. I was wondering how much better an actual car-seat might be for flying and driving sims. Google search and sure enough, plenty of junkyard examples.

Although I kinda like the idea of a 100% home-made jobbie. I’ve been following @Troll thread planning how I will horrify my own wife when the time is right.

Funny thing, I work at home as a global project manager. Serious business. I regularly lead teams worldwide with calls. If they only knew the sim / geek toys I have laying around my desk. I mean, I haven’t bothered to turn off the LEDs on my WH Throttle yet. Not exactly a poster child for the business persona expected at this level. Thanks god.

I can’t wait to hold those calls from a full sim pit :slight_smile:

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Mine is a car seat from an older model Jetta :slight_smile:

That’s what I’m talking about!

I did lightly mention the idea of a transformed car seat to the Mrs.

Zero expression. Didn’t say a word. lol.

Is that Jetta seat comfortable? How does it compare to an office chair for long sessions?


+1 :grin: :blush:


It works well. I can’t complain. It was a fun build and I want to do it again but having two in the house might be a bit much :slight_smile: