Tobii Head & Eye tracker 5


Head and eye tracking… Interesting!

Man, that head/eye tracking looks so smooth and user friendly I’ve been hovering the finger I buy stuff with on the internet over the $233 US (10% off) button all day LOL! A bit pricey …

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Oops…I just did something rash. :nerd_face:


It’s not unanimous at all. Despite Tobii’s latest marketing push and a lot of new sponsored videos or the Reno Air Race sponsor, some people still have a hard time getting used to it, over TIR. I Want this to be good, though I’m sick of wearing my cap and shutting the window every time I want to fly…

Seen this?

If I don’t get along with the Tobii 5 then I’ll return it and try the AIMXYZ. I suspect that I will do ok with the Tobii device though because I haven’t used TIR for several years now.

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So, do you need to wear something on your head, like a hat or clip? Or does it lock on to our planetoid sized craniums? We are pilots, aren’t we :grin:?


Me neither. Gave mine to my brother. In fact, the TIR5 didn’t work that well with my ultrawide monitor, especially when leaning in. Interested to hear if these new trackers are better.

No, in the case of the Tobii, it tracks your gaze. Not sure if it tracks the face too. The AimXY tracks the face and head without wearables…

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I just pulled the trigger on a tobii to try it out. I have the TIR5 with the pro clip and it works fine most of the time. My biggest gripe is the TIR will get a little micro-stutter when fps in the sim drops down below 60 fps. I normally run locked at 60 fps for the smoothest possible tracking. I’m really hoping the tobii is immune to this issue and has smooth tracking with variable framerates.

The Tobii 5 tracks both your head and eyes…and you can adjust the sensitivity for both independently (at least in MSFS)… so, that would allow course changes with your head movement and much finer adjustments with your eyes. Sounds like it should feel pretty natural.

I’m looking forward to trying it later today. VR will still be my primary method of simming for most types of flying, but I am hoping that this will be a good solution for airliner and IFR flying in general. Also, sometimes you just don’t want to wear a headset. I don’t wear headphones when simming, and so the IR Track Clip solutions are a bit of a pain. I also have a large window behind me in my ‘office’ which plays havoc with the TIR (or similar) sensors. I’m hoping that the Tobii 5 can cope with this a lot better than the older devices I have tried.

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LOL! I hope so. :wink: My head actually has gravity.

Looking forward to see what you guys think!

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really interested to hear your thoughts on these guys. I love my TiR 4. best thing for learning a new cockpit. be nice not to have the wiring etc attached

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So, this thing is pretty neat. It takes some tweaking to get things dialed in, but it works well in DCS and MSFS. I had some initial frustrations trying to get it to work in MSFS, but some Googling revealed that OpenTrack interferes with the Tobii drivers. So I uninstalled OpenTrack…still no dice. Some more google-fu indicated that you need to do a deep dive uninstall of OpenTrack using a program like Revo Uninstaller. After reinstalling OpenTrack and then uninstalling it again using Revo, everything started working in MSFS.

It’s certainly nice to have head tracking without having to attach anything to my noggin. It still feels a little clumsy to me, but that is probably because I have become used to the 1:1 smooth head tracking we get in VR. I’m sure I will get used to it with a little more practice. It does track smoothly now that I have tweaked the settings a bit. I’ll reserve judgement as to whether it is worth the money until after I can test it with sunlight shining into the room through the window directly behind me…Track IR couldn’t cope with that .


Love to hear your results. I still tend towards TIR over VR but have similar issues “dungeoning” my office!

Does it work natively with DCS?

It’s not native but easy enough to set up. You have to have the Tobii software running in the background and point it to the DCS executable in the Bin folder of your install (you only have to do this once).


Well I got mine yesterday and sadly its back in the box already for return. I couldn’t get the tracking anywhere near as smooth as my TIR5. In MSFS I couldn’t get the head positioning to work so there was no ability to lean in. No amount of adjusting the sensitivity sliders would fix that. Tracking was smooth in MSFS but just like TIR the closer to 60 FPS you are the smoother the tracking is.

In DCS it was terrible. As PaulRix mentioned DCS doesn’t have native support. You have to install the Tobii Game hub to configure it. While there is a large selection of settings in the Game hub I couldn’t find any combination of them to make the Tobii tracking as smooth as my TIR5. Everyone says to turn off eye tracking which I did but it doesn’t seem to help. After giving up on my own settings I went in search of someone else’s settings. I found a post on the DCS forums where someone posted their configuration and I tried that. After no improvement I gave up. The author also admitted he isn’t using the Tobii anymore. :laughing:

So it’s back to TIR5 for me. I use the pro clip on mine and highly recommend it. TIR runs at 120hz so it tracks the smoothest at 30, 60 or 120 fps. I run my sims locked at 60 fps and tracking is incredibly smooth. There are some wireless pro clip options out there now. I think I’ll put the money from the Tobii into one of those instead.


It’s definitely not perfect, but with the lighting conditions in my office/game room, the Tobii tracks much better than the TIR and Open-Track solutions I have tried. I’m not having any issue with leaning backwards, forwards or side to side, so I’m thinking that there is something going on with the way you have it set up in MSFS.

Have you seen this video by Q8Pilot?


That’s probably what I was missing with MSFS. I searched the key bindings for center, recenter, etc. but didn’t think of “reset”. :man_facepalming:

The bigger problem for me was the tracking smoothness in DCS. Nothing I tried worked to fix that.

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