Top 5 of 2022... what's yours?

Kinda game less than ever before but these 5 plus 3 keep me at this hobby.

My top 5 of 2022, and since 4 are early access games, they will probably remain in my top 5 for 2023… ArmA3 because of mods, Ground Branch, Ready or Not, and Black One Blood Brothers. (Honorable mentions: SB Pro PE, IL2 Great Battles, and DCS World.)

What’s yours? Anything you really looking forward to in 2023… besides the 100 of modules DCS is releasing, lol. jk…


I think I’ve only played 2 games over the last year. DCS and Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition xD

I can provide a list of my top 5 most enjoyable modules though.

In no particular order:

  • Mosquito FB MK.VI
  • Fw 190A-8
  • P-47D
  • F-16C
  • UH-1H

Honorable mentions:

  • AH-64D
  • A-10C II
  • F-1CE

Most flown modules this year are

  • F-16C
  • Fw 190A-8
  • AH-64D
  • F-14A
  • A-10C II

Farming Sim
American Truck Sim
Madden 22

For 2023 i can see it staying the same with the exception of Madden. That will be replaced probably by Forza 8.


Love this!

2: DCS
3: Half life Alyx
4: HL2 VR
5: Forza Horizon 4/5


The ones I played/enjoyed most this year:

  1. MSFS
  2. Forza Horizon 4
  3. Going Medieval
  4. Stray
  5. Return to Monkey Island

Mostly played / enjoyed this year:

1: DCS
3: Regiments
4: Wargame Red Dragon
5: Uboat

Honorable mention: Patrick’s Parabox


What I did on my PC/XboX?

  1. DCS. Flew a bunch of almost everything. Haven’t learned apache yet, nor gotten tactical on hind.

  2. Il2, but far less than I feel it deserves.

  3. World of Warships. It’s so easy, so pretty, and I get to kick back, listen to a 10% true pod and make the big guns go boom.

  4. Mechwarrior 5. Almost like the above, but on the couch, on the big screen.

  5. Red Dead Redemption 2. What caused me to buy the XboX and big screen in the first place. It was very dusty in the room the day I finished that. Or someone’d been cutting onions. Yeah. That.

Honorable mentions to MSFS2020. It’s awesome on the big screen and it properly works on PC VR now, but… eh. I just can’t be arsed tbh. Warno & Regiments. I love cold war shootups. played the everloving’ frak out of the Wargame series. But just couldn’t find the time or headspace. Same for GHPC. I should love it, but haven’t found space to do more than a little test run.


My most played and most enjoyed a bit different, my number 1 most enjoyed only made it onto my PC in the past week and looking at hours spent according to Steam my most played was Death Stranding. So most enjoyed are…

  1. IL2 - Flying Circus: This is crazy good
  2. GHPC: You can take the man out of the tank, but you can’t take the tank out of the man.
  3. X-Plane 11: Thanks to the Xmas Fly-in
  4. DCS: Specifically F-14B
  5. Project Cars 2: Especially the California Coast ‘track’

Honourable mention. The Orville - Interactive Fan Experience: Hey, it’s The Orville and it is free :slight_smile:


Fun idea, let’s see

  1. DCS. Mirage 2000C Red Flag, Mirage F1, Mi-24P, F-14A, and the last weeks the Harrier.
  2. Elite: Dangerous. Had a lot of fun when we started playing together with my girlfriend’s brothers again. One of them absolutely loves the whole planning, searching and optimizing thing so the rest of us can just hop along and play it in a really straightforward casual way. Per-fect! I get to skip the boring part. Was great fun again and though this happens every year for a few weeks, it lasted a lot longer this time.
  3. Stray. Very fun game. Unbelievable nobody did this before. Platforming and doing typical cat things go so well together. (no spoilers, but if you are thinking of something: yes you can probably do that)
  4. Death Stranding: haven’t played it nearly as much as I would like to but it is still an amazing game. I got distracted building roads but would love to continue the story too.
  5. Tabletop Simulator. Haven’t played this one as much as the previous two years but the ability to play any tabletop game at any time with distant friends and family continues to be a must-have.

Honorable mention to MSFS and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. I only just started in SW, did the first (2?) planets so can’t judge the story yet but all else is looking great so far. Gameplay feels a bit like Stray just slightly more aggressive and magical. MSFS is a lovely trip simulator and all the new planes give something interesting to do but it is still hard for it to compete with DCS. Partially due to lack of combat and carrier challenge, partially due to unfamiliar (separate) control scheme. Switching 2D and VR is amazing though, wish that worked in DCS.


Mainly played DCS this year - I feel you on the “playing less than before”, but I now have a friend who plays DCS too so that helps. If we’re listing modules, Hornet is my most played but Mirage 2000 is my favorite. Tomcat got virtual bodies this year, and I think the “A” as well so probably gets the “most improved”. I think we’ll be deep diving into the F-16 next year.

My love/hate relationship with IL2:GB progressed to me changing up my simpit and controller setup purely so I can fly that game. I guess “most improved”? :joy:

I played a fair bit of Insurgency: Sandstorm earlier this year, and of course Ready Or Not (but again I’ve got a distinct love/hate relationship with that one. There’s a great game in there under all the issues!)

Finally, I’ve dived back into Mechwarrior: Online as a game I can play one round in, then get back to whatever I’m actually supposed to be doing. Coincidentally that’s five I guess!


I have WARNO on my Wishlist, Keep thinking of pulling the trigger, never played any of the other wargame series. Is wrano worth it or shoul d i pick up red dragon on sale?

Playable with a xbox controller on PC?


I too did not have experience on wargame series before checking out the Red Dragon. I think it is nice and matured RTS with some connection to real life units.

I too have Warno on my wishlist, but somehow got the impression (from comments) that it might not be mature enough yet, so I have so far stuck to Red Dragon.


3.Viper[The more I learn…the more I like it] :grinning:
5.War On The Sea[need to spend more time on this one]


Been a quiet-ish year for new games for me …
But here goes

1… DCS, mainly the glorious Hind
2 … GHPC a great looking game with a lot of future possibilities
3… No man’s sky … never thought I would go for this … but it’s turned into a damn good game
4…X4 a great long stander with some good dlc
5…il2 have spent nearly as much time with this as I wanted to

Honorary mentions to command and conquer remasterd and halo master chief set


Nice! I had forgotten about those.


My top five for this past year are:

  1. IL-2 with my time split between Flying Tin Cans campaigns and Flying Circus on FlugPark
  2. MSFS2020
  3. Age of Empires IV
  4. DCS
  5. Manor Lords trial week
  1. X-Plane.
  2. MSFS2020. (XBOX only. It struggles on my PC.) I came late to it. I knew it would be beautiful because you all wouldn’t shut up about it. But I didn’t know. Not really. Tokyo at night. Isle of Wight at day.
  3. DCS. The Rotorheads server only. Nothing else interests me.
  4. IL2 Flying Circus. It’s a rare play anymore, but the friends I’ve made there are too dear to put it away forever.. No, I am changing my mind. I play BMS far more than IL2.
  5. Tinykin. VTOL VR should go here. But there’s no game really. So boredom settles in quickly. Tinykin was free on Gamepass and it suits my childlike skill-level. Easy, cute, occasionally funny.

And if I may cheat—an honorable mention to the boardgame Ark Nova.


That was an absolute blast!

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According to my Steam Replay 2022:

  1. rFactor 2 - 42%
  2. Arma 3 - 33%
  3. Aircraft Carrier Survival - 5%
  4. Advanced Tactics Gold - 4%
  5. Carrier Deck - 3%

I don’t have DCS on steam, so not sure how it stacks up against these other titles, but I suspect it’s on third place after rFactor 2 and Arma 3.

I tried Aircraft Carrier Survival when it was brand new, until the campaign simply wouldn’t advance beyond a mission. So those 5% were acumulated in April, lol.

Advanced Tactics Gold is a 2011 game, a 2d counter pushing wargame. I play it via email with a friend ever so often, quite enoyable. There are also specialized wargames based on the engine but with a newer core, most notable the Ardennes Offensive.

Carrier Deck is my goto game if I have 20-30 minutes to kill and surrender the illusion I would ever beat the 30 minute Survival scenario on Admiral level :smiley:



Same here. That game is my quiet moment game. I love it so much.