Truck Sim Screens. (Euro and American)

Various screens I have taken from both sims.

My first truck in ATS, Peterbuilt 579

Fully upgraded the 579, well fully upgraded for my level.

The Kenworth W900 came out and I decided to trade my 579 in for one.

After driving the W900 I decided the I liked the 579 better. (I didnt like the cabin view of the 900). So tradeded the 900 for a 579. I opted for the non sleeper cab model since I see no reason behind it currently. The biggest chassis option for the non sleeper model gives me 200 gallons of fuel which is plenty for the current map. Once Arizona comes out I will upgrade to a day sleeper.

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Some ETS shots,

I was driving a Volvo which was nice,

But I really didnt like the looks of the Volvo so I switched to an equally powerfull Scania R730

Enjoy! More to come in the future.

Also feel free to add your own.


Nice shots…! I wonder if the sleeper would be intended to allow you to just pull off the road anywhere to get your requisite rest instead of having to find a truck stop or motel…

Unfortuantely it does not. You still have to find a rest area. Only purpose it serves currently is allowing the bigger chassis whcih in turn allows for more fuel.

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I don’t think so beach, the sleeper cabs in ETS2 also never allowed you to sleep anywhere. I think it’s just a visual thing to help pretend one sleeps in a cab :wink:

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Some new screens of the 1.28 public beta for both ATS and ETS2. Main attraction to this update is Doubles!

First some heavy cargo from ATS

And now some American Truck Sim Doubles

They have triples as well but only in Nevada and they are hard to find.

A couple shots of a truck transporting trucks…

And now ETS2 Doubles!

Doubles are only available in Scandinavia, Which requires the DLC but it has allowed be to explore Scandinavia, which is a beautiful DLC.


What we need is Ship Simulator and Train Simulator to allow interchange of cargo so that from europe can be brought to USA or… WAIT! even to SPINTIRES’ Russia!


Ohhhhhh yeah !

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Some screens from 1.32 Beta

My new Kenworth

First trailer I bought, Decided to go with a triple flatbed, since I never had a triple

Had to drive it to Carson City from Nevada but I found a load to haul, 3 Plows

Decided to pull over at a rest stop,

After I delivered the plows, I decided to switch to Doubles since they are allowed in more states.

Found a convoy on my way to New Mexico

My first trailer, a simple curtianside

Took a job with my flatbed from Amsterdam to Italy, And there was a trailer fire

and a plane crash, (which one of you was it?)


Its a good game, need to get back into it


Some new screen grabs.

Finally got around to painting my truck and trailers and adding a company logo.

I love the Mack but it tops out at 505 hp. So for those bigger jobs I went with a Peterbuilt with a 625 hp engine.

Idaho releases tomorrow, So that will be were most of my time will be spent.


Took a quick special cargo from Vernal Utah to Ogden Utah

Then I hooked up to this and drove into Idaho!


Let us know if you see any airports in Idaho!

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Did a few hauls today. Started in Idaho Falls with this huge haul

Had a big haul up a decent mountain. But the scenery is beautiful

Hauling a reel of cable into twin falls, Awesome bridge!


I love these games but I play them slightly differently these days. I just love modifying my trucks and not having to drive. I have a massive fleet of awesomeness but haven’t driven since the heavy haul pack came out :rofl:


How are the mirrors in this game these days? Way back when I was getting my Class A license I used to bug the developers to put in proper mirrors so I could use it to practice backing up. :slight_smile:

I’m awesome at parking trucks.



That’s how we do it in the real world @BeachAV8R we just make it look cool and easy by wearing sunglasses and keep the air con blowing so you can’t see us sweating


With the FOV I use, my mirrors are nonexistence for me lol I have to use the virtual mirrors.

I have to use an external view to back up.

Finished up visiting all the cities in Idaho. Even got my new HQ in Boise.

This might be the best DLC yet. Very picturesque and Beautiful.

Decided to pull a house from Boise to Grangeville. Fun little drive.

I have a feeling Colorado is going to be absolutely stunning as well

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