TrueEarth Great Britain - X-Plane 11

screenshots or it didn’t happen.

Oh, it’s happening… but very, very slowly (thanks to my rural connection)…


4.1 GB down, 22 Gb to go! :crazy_face:

Man…you’re gonna need to download the winter textures by the time the fall textures get downloaded… :smiley:

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That video looks great for the most part - the river textures and the parks / terraced houses are right on the money. However I’m a little underwhelmed by the Canary Wharf region buildings and the Millenium Dome (seen at around 2:30) that just appear to be algorithm generated from OSM data (or something similar). I get that you can’t create whole cities by hand but these are iconic landmarks that lie right under the helicopter VFR route across London and the approach to City Airport runway 09, so I would have really liked to see something a bit more true to life.

PS: he flies right over my house :smile:

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I’ve taken the plunge. It’s a hefty price but I fly mainly GA locally apart from the Xmas flight.

Download for me with my connection wasn’t too bad, though the 2 hour uncompression afterwards was unexpected.

So far it looks amazing, much better than what I was using, i’ve visually navigated easily to where I live and overflown my house.

Pics later.

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Whose car is that in your driveway?


15.3Gb down… 11 to go.

Past the half way point at least.


Holy Mach Loop Batman!!!


That looks fantastic. What’s the performance like in VR?

Not bad at all, although I cranked up the settings for the screenshots. It looks great in VR but I haven’t flown over London yet…


Moar pics! :slight_smile:

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Yeovil airfield, Yeovil, Somerset. This is the home to what was once Westland Aircraft who made the Lysander and Whirlwind during WW2. Later they became famous as a helicopter manufacturer. Later they merged with Augusta, and more recently they dropped the Westland name to become Leonardo.

This is a stretch of the A303 in Somerset that I am very familiar with. There really is a Shell garage (filling station) at this location…


Departing Luton, and flying over The Luton Hoo, which is a stately home that is now a hotel. I have stayed there a number of times. Very peaceful, and just 5 minutes from the airport. Just what you want after flying through the night all the way from Texas.


I know RNAS Yeovilton pretty well - that looks great.

Any coast shots? I used to live near Burton Bradstock in Dorset and am keen to see how well it does the water masks. :wink:

You and I were almost neighbors then. I was raised in the Axe Valley, and went to school in Lyme Regis…
I should go to bed, but…



That’s the spirit!

That scenery looks amazing!


Here you go …

RNAS Yeovilton…

Lyme Regis

Golden Cap I believe.

West Bay

and… Burton Bradstock.


One more, Chesil Beach, flying towards Portland Bill

And now I’m really going to bed. Lol.


Sleep well. :zzz: