TrueEarth Great Britain - X-Plane 11



ORBX have apparently just released Vol 1 True Earth England south for P3D, not sure I’ll do this though, perhaps I’ll keep XP11 for ORBX True Earth series, recently invested in a 2 TB SSD just for this … so hoping the series takes off … no pun intended :slight_smile:

I’m well served for P3Dv4 global and local scenery wise, this way I think I’ve got the best of both worlds.


I got the south and central scenery on the :heart: sale.
But there seems to be something messing with the install…
I installed the FTX Central software, and downloaded from there. The files are downloaded, extracted, installed and then it starts on a sloooow process of converting files. I naturally go about my business, and when I return, the FTX Central has ended. When I restart it, it begins extracting again.
Tried this three times now.


Troll, perhaps try afresh, remove all files and then, when you install FTX, look in options there.

You can choose a separate drive with lots of free space for any drive you choose for a temp Orbx location … ORBX TE are really big downloads, they may say for EG 16GB for one area, but the source Sim drive will need much more than that once its all extracted … I was juggling for HD space for a while until I found out what was wrong, in end I purchased a new 2TB SSD just for XP11 and have this just for XP11 and ORBX TE … Its probably overkill … but with ORBX PNW TE coming out soon and more … I will not have to worry about such issues again for a long time, I hope :slight_smile:


Ok, thanks!
I have XP11 as the only sim on a 2TB SSD myself… But I moved it there manually. Maybe FTX is trying to install at the old location…?


I sat down to watch what’s going on here.
Turns out Win10 freezes during the converting of the files and there’s a BSOD with a DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION.
I restarted and tried running FTX as admin.
This time it just scanned the files, and said that install was successful… Not sure about that since it BSOD’d in the middle of what was estimated to be a 5hr long fileconversion.


I nearly forgot, I did a series of test videos on GB. Here is one:


Found a guy with similar problems like mine, on the Orbx forums. Devs says it has to do with a unstable overclock… So far, the only BSOD has been caused by FTX Central, on my PC.


Very strange. The installation process was pretty seamless on my PC. I hope you manage to figure it out. Could you remove the overclock, install the scenery and then overclock once again? Seems strange that would be the problem though.


Trying that right now…

Edit. So far, not so bad. Conversion is progressing much longer than before. :crossed_fingers:


Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:. If it works, it will be well worth the hassle. Maybe you should buy GB North while you are at it. :wink:


Looks like clocking down from 5.0 to 4.8 did the trick…


Great! Hope you think it was worth the hassle. Did you pick up GB North too?


Thoght I’d check out south and central first :slight_smile:


I had to do the exact same thing with my rig to get XP11stable, drop from 5.0 to 4.8.


I can get XP to run on 5.0, but it crashes on exit.

@PaulRix, what’s your graphics settings in XP, for useable VR performance?
I have to throttle back the settings considerably, to avoid a stuttering mess…


I’m going from memory here as I am on the road right now. I drop the reflections slider down to minimum and object density down one or two notches. Get rid of scenery shadows and parked aircraft . Textures I drop one notch. Anti-alias slider down to the first notch.

When I get home I will post up a screenshot of my settings page.


Most unusual, I7 8700K, de lidded, water cooled, pretty much same gear as Troll has, I’ve had no probs installing this or other software at the full 5GHz overclock.

XP11 North was a must have for me as I live in Scotland, added ORBX Sumburgh today too.


Happy to share my XP 11 settings, even my overclock stuff and temps if it helps.

200MHz should not make a difference, should not be the universal straw that broke the camels back, all PC’s are so different.


Love to see your settings, @B12.
My 8700k is not delidded though. Maybe I should do that…

But as you say, every PC is different. You may have been lucky with your CPU.


Came across this for that window stop message Troll my friend.

DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION = and as usual its quite unspecific and can mean any number of things I’m afraid.

Troll, its not so much luck I chose for this build, but a dedicated pre tested I7 8700K, cherry picked I7 8700K that was delidded and original thermal gunk removed and replaced, lidded again and for insurance I chose a pretty good AOI 360 water cooler for CPU too.

The deal they wear doing at time was for I7 8700K’s, pre tested for best batch, they sold them at 5.00 GHZ bundles as a premium and even 5.2 GHz samples, they de lidded them removed the horrible Intel gunk that is used and with more efficient paste, then tested them for 24 hrs … So I went for it … the 5GHz version … perhaps £500 for the CPU then, well over the mark, the guaranteed 5.2Ghz versions were about £700 if thats what you wanted … and there was a waiting list for this service … I was happy enough with my 5 GHz sample … the magic 5 gigahertz at last :slight_smile:

I dunno, a year on or more, but honestly that magic 5GHz over clock still works 99.99% of the time for me … they guarantee the overclock for 2 years too and they did not have to do that.

We all get blue screens with Windows once in a while, but honest, this I7 8700K @ 5 GHz de-lidded rig has been as reliable as any thing could be … its 5GHz on all 6 cores and I could not be happier.

Hesitate to mention company name in case it seems I am promoting them, used to dislike this company too … A LOT … but they have bounced back and employ some seriously good overclockers … Its OcUK.

I’ll never do the CPU lottery again.