TrueEarth Great Britain - X-Plane 11



As early as next week for both Central and Northern regions? It’s going to be an expensive week!


My SSD will NEVER be able to have all this + DCS + my Prepar3d install. Uuugh!


I’m completely out of space now. I’ve got some older SSDs that because of age are too small and will have to put in the Halloween candy bowl or something, as I’m due some consolidation now. A couple of years and we’ll be saying stuff like ‘Is 1 Petabyte really enough?’ :slight_smile:

I wonder if the UK region is Scotland or just Da North? Scotland would be epic for scenery.


I think the North region pretty much is Scotland. It will be a great area for some low level flying… even better than Wales!


Not sure about the quality of these drives…but they are pretty darn cheap. Maybe for data that is not valuable (like orthos or things you could easily re-install…)


Wow, that is cheap. Looks like someone found a way to deactivate the door fire alarm on the local Amazon datacenter! :wink:


Looks a perfect sorta drive for large scenery files such as this.


Heads up! GB Central region just released! Woot!

I took the liberty of editing the title of this thread to encompass the whole True Earth GB ‘package’.


Would that be Yorkshire and the Lake District? If so, should be a stunner.


Yes indeed. Low level over the Lake District is going to be amazing in VR. Of course, True Earth GB North is going to be stunning too (aka Scotland).


I keep meaning to look this up for x plane. Being an Oxfordshire resident we have some nice places to visit round here. Would be cool to see how it looks on xp11


I think you will be impressed, especially when you consider how large an area is covered.


A beautiful part of the world. Completes the set (of enormous SSD expenditure):


Flying along the length of Loch Ness in the X-Trident Tornado - OrbX True Earth GB North. Stunning, just like the Central and South regions.


Did you take any grainy, dimly lit photographs of inner tubes floating in the water?


So, it seems the guys at OrbX have a sense of humor :wink:


Is the Loch Ness Monster controllable by the Player?



I hear it is AI only for now but there’s been rumours of a full fidelity module down the line…





Heh, have this region for XP11 now too and live quite near Loch Ness, been having lots of fun exploring local area, some mistakes that need corrections, but quite good for a version 1 release.