Tuesday Night DCS


Do not, I repeat do not taxi whilst @komemiute is taxiing! He has a habit of jettisoning his ordnance… :laughing::laughing:

Ah you ninja’d me and already told the story lol


Premature ejection, it’s a condition.




So, we on tonight? I should have my dearly beloved progeny under the covers in about two hours.


If we want to be able to ping interested parties outside Discord, like @Aginor, we can. We have Mudspike groups for that.
Like @dcs-mp


Not available tonight unfortunately, but Saturday afternoon/evening I have lots of time

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I’m at work tonight unfortunately…I’ll be back about midnight

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Saturday I’m booked. Eh. It’s like herding cats, isn’t it?


I should be able to get in an hour or so around 20:00 CEST.

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I’ll try and be on a bit, soon. 20:00h CEST, I just noticed I haven’t set up SRS (and additional stuff to use in MP) in ages so I’ll try and get some settings done.

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SRS, let’s see if I can get that to work :slight_smile:
The freaks are in the briefing on hollo pointe, right?

HP North, and yes.

Remoted in, everything appears to be running normally.

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Yep, I already connected a few minutes ago and it seemed to be OK.
I’ll reconnect as soon as I have figured out what the hell is wrong with my settings. :smiley:

connecting… SRS takes over DCS radio PTT buttons, right?

I don’t think so… Ive assigned the PTT manually in the SRS client

And lol I don’t even remember the key to chat in MP… It’s been a while…

You can use the same or different, depends how you set things up.

ok, managed to contact @Aginor and get killed. How does one text-chat in DCS?


shift + tab

No luck today. Was just moving in for the kill and then… something killed me. Don’t know what.
And then I had a disconnect to boot.

I think I’ll call it a day. But this worked and was fun, I think we should try and see which days have most of us available, and then see if we can get a few little missions ready.

…and I really have to re-learn that Hornet. The only plane I am somewhat mission-ready in is the Hog…

Some pics:

Me and @schurem

@sobek and @schurem flying Vipers

@Andrew116 in his Gazelle

Some action!

…and a… ladder?