Tuesday Night DCS

Coming online now too. Hollo Pointe North?

I’m stuck in traffic trying to get back. Be as quick as possible…typical

Almost there…

I’m on Hollo Pointe North. When you do make it, contact me at AWACS frequency (277 MHz AM).
I have Discord on for backup comms

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I’ll be on around 2019-10-20T15:00:00Z2019-10-20T18:00:00Z or so. You guys still at it?

I gotta make dinner now, but I’ll be back in hour or two.

Had a good time flying mirages with @Freak :salute: Good to speak Dutch while flying for a change :netherlands:


Update this when your online again dude my day turned to poo. But I should be back shortly and ready to go

Nothing ends a smelly day like dropping some LGB’s with friends :smiley: I’ll ping you when I’m good to go.

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Didn’t I hear bombs are borked right now?

Seems they are hit or miss when it comes to release in multi player.

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Hehe :wink:

It sure was fun!
But man, I suck at air to air. I have a lot to learn from you!

Yo @Victork2, @sobek, I’m booting up the machine now.
Kid’s are fed and no longer my responsibility, so let’s GO!


@Victork2 burning through the sky (sorry i didn’t take a better shot while you were in close :innocent:).

Was fun again, our numbers are growing! See you again soon i hope.


Yeah, me too. After doing some fairly ineffectual AG work, I decided to jump ship and take up a MiG-29. Either @Victork2 or @AndyE quickly showed me the error of my ways. I never knew what hit me. On my last ride, I never found anyone to shoot :confused:

Anyway, thanks all for a great afternoon/night! Experiencing @Victork2’s landing in the backseat of his tomcat is one of the most terrifying VR experiences I’ve ever had!


Finally got my ass in gear, and got SRS installed,then had a quick blast on hollowpoint, cheers to the guys whop where there, for putting up with a noob, who hasnt really flown online in a couple of years.
and even got an air to air kill in a harrier, (but missed the ground targets i was going for :slight_smile:)


what a great night!!

loved it! killed 6 enemy planes. a possible on a dutchman in a Mig 29 and 5 ground targets!
We HAVE to do this again.

if only to hear @schurem screaming on final approach as my RIO (amazing moment i will never forget) I will upload the screenies to the screenshot thread


@schurem Wasn’t me! I’m pretty sure I was RTB or on the ground when you got shot down. I blame @Victork2!

So that’s what I heard! I heard your commentary about his landing, but I didn’t realize you where along for the ride!


I was going to try to join you guys even just for a half hour Sunday, but putting my Winter tires on turned into a mess when the key for my lock nuts broke.

Anyways, glad you all are enjoying it and it’s working from overseas! If the server crashes (which it does every so often on mission restart - need a newer faster CPU!) ping me on Discord and I’ll remotely restart it.


That stripped security key looks like a miserable time…