Tweaks for VR and a 1080GTX?

Hey Guys,

I have tried a few tweaks mainly Overclocking all my main components. What I am looking for is more tweaks I could do to get better performance out of DCS… here is a breakdown of my main components and their overclocks:

  1. Intel i7 10700K @ 5.0GHZ Noctua Air cooler 140mm
  2. G.Skill DDR4 32gb @4200 16-16-16-36 XMP Profile was 3200…
  3. Asus 1080GTX @ 2050mhz, +650Memory at its limit on air…

I am not looking to do a water cooled setup or add any new components especially a GPU as that is a near impossible feat let alone getting the money for it right now… I am just wondering what else I could do to get more performance out of my setup in its current config…

Now I Seen alot of talk about debloting Windows but I just ran one of those and it was a disaster… I also seen where they deploat the Windows Install before installin the OS but I tried 2 different ways one was not very clear and the other program kept getting a program error so those are probally out too as most of it seems too complicated.

I have a Reverb G2 so that is why the performance is lacking a bit. I have turned down the Rez to 50% in SteamVR, I went down to 25% but it was horrid looking worse then my Rift S… I have done most of the Autoexec tweaks as is my NVCP setup properly not really much I can do there besides set to Prefer maximum Performance. I did set the latency but not much else does anything in the VR headset or makes a difference…

So I am totally out of ideas on what I can tweak at this point… I have spent many hours in DCS with VR tweaking settings there. I have came down to my settings which are at the max I can set without getting below 45FPS that is the Motion Reporjection number I do not want to go below and if I set DCS and higher it happens to go below and ruins the experience…

So any other free tweaks you guys heard of in your travels besides those I mentioned.?

Thank you for any input.

50% in steam is 1on1 pixel density, akin to setting it to 1.0 in DCS. Try keeping steam on 50% then lower DCS PD to 0.8 or so. This lessens the amount DCS has to render by about half. Yes its uglier, but it’s also a lot faster.

Well I am also using the FHolger mod so it is down a bit then upscaled up looks pretty good. no where near as it does at 100% Steam VR which was like 3000 plus, that looked really good but my GPU is nowhere near up to that task…LOL!!

I will try lower PD to .8 in DCS and see what happens… thnak you for the idea.

Well comingfrom a Rift S with the PD at .8 it did not look to bad but was alot smoother… and the frametimes where under 20ms.

I don’t know if you are up to it… when was the last time you refreshed the OS? A new install did wonders for me. Look for youtube videos on DCS VR. They explain what Every setting does and what you should turn down or turn up.
Off the top of my head, all your shadows are flat, right?

Don’t compare scaled values like PD and supersampling percentage.

Instead, compare the actual number of pixels rendered per eye. This can be easily calculated quite accurately.
First, go in SteamVR, video settings, per application and check the resolution shown, as something like:
Multiply both those numbers by DCS pixel density, let’s say 0.8:
That results in
0.81500 * 0.82000 = 1200 * 1600 = 1.92 million pixels per eye.

Now if you make sure these numbers are the same with the Reverb G2 as they were with the Rift S, you should be looking at similar picture quality and identical performance.

Of course, the G2 could look a lot better because it has more pixels, but with the same percentage and PD settings, it renders a LOT more pixels and will thus eat your framerate.
Your Reverb G2 will still be relevant when you upgrade your GPU, but until then you should be able to get a similar image at the same framerates as you had in your Rift S.

Actually a slightly better image as the G2 suffers from far less screendoor than the rift S.

@Maico, I just did a fresh install last night… I dont go too long inbetween refreshing sometimes too often…

@Freak, I did the math and the best so far seems to be 2232x2184 with .8 PD in DCS… I kept it @50% for the 1:1 ratio and then undersampled a bit with the PD…

So far the best combo of looks and performance… would still love to get a 3080… :slight_smile:

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Aye, getting an RTX3080 is hard, and expensive…

I caved and bought a reference AMD RX 6800XT off a scalper for 850 euros this spring. Half the price of an RTX 3080, and almost the same performance. Don’t forget that this generation, there is more than just Nvidia at the high-end.

FWIW, I now run DCS comfortably at about 2500x2500 per eye, with shadows (low, not flat) and still have 90 fps at high altitude and 45 fps in tougher scenes. Huge improvement from the GTX 1080Ti I had before this.

yes the AMD’s are not much cheaper these days either… just hopefull but not this year for sure…

I have 1 more trick up my sleeve but it has been proven to be quite a task… but I beleieve I will give it one more shot then just be content with how it works…

You need a 3080 MINIMUM.

Naaah! You may Want a 3080, but you don’t Need a 3080 to run DCS in VR.

@The_Nephilim does. :wink: MINIMUM!

All jokes aside, I personally have a 3080 and I still think it sucks. 10GB? Stupid.

Contraier! Just got my 2080ti out last week.
But admittedly, a 1080 in DCS VR is reaching…
Doable, but reaching.

Don’t try to use your French on me! :smiley: Your 2080ti sucks even worse.

I would most certainly not. Your mastery of English is astounding.
My 1080 non ti is an excellent card. Watercooled and overclocked she is not ready to retire. Sadly its in my “B” machine and she will need to make room for my 2080ti. Thats cos my 3080ti has evicted her. However, these are still relevant cards.
Oh and my just so you know… My 2080Ti will crush your laptop with its onboard video.

You ever heard the word “coherent”?

snl spraying GIF by Saturday Night Live

@schurem, this is what your constant VR hyperbole causes! I should be spraying you down! :smiley:

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