Twist grip, throttle, & stick

Alrighty… Got another recommendation request. I need a twist for rudder, throttle and stick combo (meaning I need all 3 axes on one controller)… For travel purposes, I need something compact, but something I can still play sims with. I’m not really familiar with Sidewinders and stuff…all I’ve ever owned were Saitek X45, 52, and the Warthog.

Anyone got some good advice?


Have you tried just a plain Xbox 360 controller? I know that advice usually gets met with shock and horror :slight_smile: but they are compact and work with everything.

If you just have a stick then you have to heavily overload buttons anyway, and after some practise everything can be flown. I got pretty good even in rudder-heavy things like the DCS Huey, so it is possible.

If that is too weird :smiley: then perhaps something like this:

…as cheap and cheerful?

Also, if you can wait till November, the Steam controller might be an interesting compact analog surrogate:

Haha…that is actually going to be my first attempt. Last year I bought a PC compatible Windows X-Box controller:

I haven’t tried it yet…but I’ll have the opportunity soon… But it doesn’t have a throttle axis does it?

You know…I used to have one of these Logitech Wingman Rumblepads…and it was pretty good…but I broke the sticks a few years ago in my luggage and didn’t think to replace it. Wonder if I can get one quick shipped to me…


Mappings can be awkward, but I found the top two shoulder buttons are ok for throttle up/down, and then the left stick for pitch/roll, the analog triggers for rudder and then the right stick for viewing. Takes some practise though :smile:

Hmm…The Logitech Extreme 3D Pro is a good stick, especially for the price point, but it’s not very portable. Personally, I think I I’d have a hard time trying to do a flight sim with a gamepad, but that might be the most compact option.

Wonder if you can hack one of those new Steam controllers to work with your flight sims?

Not sure how portable you need but I get my logitech Extrem pro 3D stick in my luggage all the time.

Works like a champ too. I have been known to fly Falcon 4 with it as well.

Thanks for all the suggestions. I think I’m going to have to go to Best Buy and do a hands on demo…because it is hard to imagine what some of these sticks feel like and look like. I’ll even do Best Buy a favor and actually buy something from them instead of browsing and then price finding on the internet… LOL…


I dunno, what does that look like on x-ray?


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@BeachAV8R as you are familiar with Saiteks have a look on these two. First one especially for its name AV8R :wink:
Really just for travel purposes - both have detachable stick

Mad Catz Pacific AV8R Stick for PC About this item

Mad Catz F.L.Y.5 Stick for PC About this item

my first post, not praising myself, just sayin’… hello :smile:

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Howdy, Nevo! Welcome to Mudspike!

That Pacific AV8R stick looks like something Captain America would fly, while the Fly 5 is something Iron Man (or at least War Machine) would use.

@NEVO - Thanks for the suggestions - I would have never remembered Mad Catz…and those sticks look really nice…particularly in that they have split throttles. I’d love to get my hands on them to give them a test run and see how they feel… Such a shame that big box stores don’t carry a full lineup anymore.

Thanks for the suggestions…


it’s been some time since you posted this, so I didn’t know if you already got something for on the move. While this may be a pricey suggestion, especially since you already have a warthog, but maybe you could consider the saitek X55 rhino? you can disasemble an X-55 and then reassemble it in less then one minute, technically this is done in order to change the spring tension, but would work great to take it apart and then reassemble on site, having you fly within minutes. ofcourse the seperate throttle lugging around may be a bit to much.

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Meanwhile you will also become our go-to expert for the X-55 versus warthog discussion :slight_smile:

I use Extreme 3d pro when away from my PC. For $35 dollars it performs just as you expect it to.

We did a quick look at the X-55 here:

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In preview mode my link does go to the article but we shall find out after I post if that remains constant…


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Heheh No worries, I felt it was funny to add a little sarcasm. I can remove it if you want.

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No way. It was the perfect response to my minor gaffe. I actually heard the response in my head the moment I saw the image !!!