Ubisoft is closing its forums

In 2021 Ubisoft deleted all inactive forum accounts. I posted about it at that time.

Ubisoft deleting inactive forum accounts: https://forums.mudspike.com/t/ubisoft-deleting-inactive-forum-accounts/12059

Now they are intending to take the forums Offline as of March 31, 2022 and move to a new Discussions platform, which they have already created.

IL-2 Sturmovik, Silent Hunter, and all old simulations content is going to be lost permanently so if you know of something you want to get from there now would be the time to download a local copy of it, or hope it has been archived at the Internet Archive…



They could cut the middle-man and just close UbiSoft for good…

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Lol, I am not a big fan of Ubisoft either but there is a lot of information on older games contained in those forums that is going to be consigned to the digital land fill in a few days that people do still play, just not enough for Ubisoft to continue to support them. :frowning:



Yeah, that’s sadly true.

Linking to an article or a site is a great tool but unfortunately it leaves a lot to be desired in these situations. Even though it is against convention, and quite frowned upon in most instances, I almost always link to the article and then post the entire contents of the article I am linking for this very reason. At least when the site goes down if your site is still live the information is still available.

As the internet continues to age and more and more sites are retired this is going to become more and more of a problem.


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And the forums are gone, gone, gone…

I tried to do a quick search of the new platform for Sturmovik and Silent Hunter and as I expected nothing came up. I also tried to look at some allegedly existing topics but you stay on the homepage no matter which link you click. That may change in the next few days as they get things sorted or you may end up being required to login to search or post anything on their new platform?

I was not there as long as some but I had a presence at Ubisoft since 2004. It started with Panzer General 3D Assault and the patches they hosted for it. At that time they were also still hosting the Panzer General 3D Assault website for the game. I was a definite noob since I could not figure out how to use the zip file for the v1.01 patch properly.


their forums were horribly moderated anyway.

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