Realeses on Steam today…Mags has been doing some good videos on it…Anyone else interested?

Multi Crew game - "Wolfpack"

That looks pretty cool! I need to take a look.

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A lot of crew management…and too much automated map for my likes…but I may reload SH III !

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definitely, just got the notice and will give these guys $25 (15% discount on launch) for their vision and hard work they’ve put into what is clearly a labor of love project. Of, course it does help having Das Boot as one of your all time favorite war movies.


Spent quite a few hours with it. It’s pretty buggy at the mo. Though it’s still an alpha. Getting frequent CTDs which is a tad annoying.

It’s got a lot of interesting things in it. Also it can be more SIM than you realise, hoping they will expand on this later.

It’s definitely got potential.

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As an update, if anyone was being put off from my previous post. I played around with the settings and in the end removed upsampling on the resolution and created a new game.

Not one single CTD so far !


3 hours in after day 1 purchase and I’m really liking it. I am being tested by the controls but knowing from my multiple HOTAS setups it’s just a matter of time before my middle-aged brain sorts it out.

I have experienced zero CTDs and only a few niggling bugs and they might me be due to my inept ability to follow instructions.

I love the look of the boat externally and internally, beautiful water animations and even the ocean floor looks good. I have to connect to a game and leaving port in my first sandbox mission with the radio playing old-timey gramophone music brought an ‘I can smell the salt of the sea’ grin to my face.


not sure if its patch 1.16 or because I moved the game from a mechanical drive to a SSD. But much less problems today !!!

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Well I comment on no problems until I blundered into a destroyer who filled me full of holes whilst diving. Need a new boat


You guys have any issue with the game being blurry? It almost looks like a VR screen door on some textures.


Nevermind, found the issue. Chromatic abberation option. What is this used for? Kind of gave me a headache.


Setting for Red-Green Color Blind? I’ve seen a couple of games that have that option.


This looks too good to pass up. I love a good sub ‘sim’ and this one looks a little different than the rest. Downloading now.

Btw, has anyone heard if Cold Waters is still being worked on or is it ‘dead in the water’? Groan :wink: .


I think Cold Waters is pretty much “done”. It’s a fine game, and those guys at subsim.com might still be building mods for it.

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It’s an interesting game so far, lots of cool micro management to do on the sub, but it’s definitely early access. I’ve put about 6 hours into U-Boat and have enjoyed it. It will crash at times, I’ve gotten the sub stuck on things, and other miscellaneous bugs.

I’m looking forward to digging into the crew and upgrade progression. Looks like it could be a great one when it’s finished.

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Is it just me or did the latest patch up the planes killer instinct.,?

Twice now, contrails were spotted and just as the conning tower was getting wet, it was being pinged by gun fire and making acquaintances with depth charges. Fwooooaaarr.

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Still playing this game and despite the bugs and glitches, I think it’s pretty awesome.

Some funny glitches include:

Random dude leaking blood all over the floor for no reason

Sub spawns 20k feet in the air and tumbles down to the ocean.

It’s always darkly amusing watching the crew drown slowly, just standing there as the water rises…