Uses for Back Editions of PC Pilot…

…aside from rereading Beach’s articles.

Cushioning for my “monster rig” in the moving box.

Then there was this sight, a 41 ft CONEX pulling into our drive to take away all our household goods.


…did I mention I’m moving to Norway?


Alright, this statement alone requires a follow-up!

Reminds me that I had to move my bucket of back issues of Model Railroader and I really should thin that out before I have to move again. Retail grade tote bins and boxes were not designed to support the weight of so much paper!

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Does that mean that you have passed all the tests…?

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Well…OK…follow up…Norway…it is one of the Scandinavian countries in Europe. Borders Sweden, a little bit of Russia and the Norwegian Sea. Um…they speak Norwegian…eat a lot of fish…were the first foreign nation to purchase F-16s…although I guess when I live there I’ll be the foreigner … hmmmmm.

OK, I’ll be good. We are moving to Andenes, near Andøya. Wife is Norwegian and has family in the area. This was always something we had considered doing in retirement…the details are unimportant. All things considered, it seemed like the right time to make the change.

My DCS VR rig just went into the CONEX so I am commmitted. :slightly_smiling_face:


Good luck man, will you be getting a norse passport as well?


Probably not a passport but I am told I will need a “Person Number”…probably have to pass Troll’s Viking Test first. I really should study.


Oh my, it is really happening then!

How does the timing work with the property move vs. you taking a flight over?

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Considering how things have been going, and how they might continue to go after November, I don’t blame you. I just wish I had an “In” down in Australia myself. :grin:

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Move takes about 6 weeks. We fly sometime later this month…hopefully before the “First Tuesday after a Monday in November”, as it were… @AndyE’s comment germane.

Which is why a white back I posted a thread requesting recommendations for a laptop that could run DCS, whichI now have. So it will be “Pancake Mode” for a few weeks but I’ve suffered worse. :slightly_smiling_face:


Good luck with the move and the new chapter!

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Well, in tech regards you picked a good year to move at least - with sufficiently powerful laptops on the market so that it’s playable.

Will be interesting to hear how you make the “step down” from desktop to laptop, we certainly hear of users going up to a proper desktop but not as much the other way.

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At the nursing home.
Young strutty nurse: So you lived through 2020? Tell me, was it as bad as they say?
Old grudgy retired USN Captain: Oh, it was worse. Much worse!
Nurse: I guess so. I’ve read about the pandemic in Nurse school.
Captain: Pandemic? No, I’m talking about having to crash my Viggens on a LAPTOP! Speaking of which, come here and sit on my lap and I’ll show you…



I wish you all the best with your move, may you and all your stuff arrive safely! :slight_smile:


Hope all goes well for you Will. May you and your wife enjoy all the happiness from your move!


Aww man…you shoulda livestreamed sailing your boat there! (I know you sold it…) What a huge move…congrats and you need to run a thread of “impressions” as you acclimate to life there.

That’s very cool H2. Off on another adventure. Pls check in once in a while with photos of your move, protocol permitting.

My wife has never lived abroad and I know that she would enjoy it for a few years. Alas, our kids are young, so we will probably be in this house until I’m flying DCS from assisted living :smiley:

Yeah - I’d move to Australia in a heartbeat if I could…but they have very strict immigration laws. Not to mention I’d have to convert my pilot license and the job prospects would be pretty poor…but I’d kill to live in a place like Hervey Bay, QLD. We also really liked Vieques, Puerto Rico (not technically foreign…but foreign-ish…) - so that might be a spot down the road.


New Zealand would be my first choice, but I think may I have migrated enough for one lifetime (3 years in Cyprus while in the RAF, 10 years in Ohio and 8 years in Texas).


But… but… in Australia everything tries to kill you!
“Poisonous (insert animal here) of instant death” is basically the most Australian thing. :smiley:


Best of luck for your move Will!