VEAO Spitfire Mk XIV

From VEAO Facebook, little WIP pic of Spitfire Mk XIV


New info and pics about VEAO Spitfire Mk XIV

[quote]Hi Folks, time for a short update!

I’ve been absolutely chomping at the bit to show you a few screenshots of how the Mk XIV is progressing and today I finally can (…Pman!) The Spit XIV is easily my favourite project and I’ve been steadily chipping away over the last few months trying to get her as close as possible.[/quote]


Lean Mean Fighting Machine. But will it be out in 2017?

I wouldn’t get my hopes up. They were hoping to release the P-40 roughly around September 2015 when it was made available for pre-order in July 2015, and we are still waiting for that.

I think 2017 is pretty much a given…

And… When was the P-40 supposed to be out by? That has been “eminent” for about 6 months now.

Forgive my skepticism